Modi government in its efforts to increase stockpiles of Air-to-Air missiles of Indian Air Force  (IAF) had placed orders under emergency purchase deals last year and according to information provided to, Russia has started shipment of the latest and upgraded inventory of three different types of Air-to-Air missiles to India to be equipped on Russian developed Sukhoi-30MKI and Mig-29UPG fleet, which make up 50% of the IAF’s fighter jet fleet.

IAF has decided to go with two different Beyond visual range Missiles (BVRAAM) from Russia after Pakistani Air Force F-16s fired AIM-120C5 AMRAAM missile to target unsuccessfully Indian Su-30 MKIs on 27 February, a day after the IAF strikes on Balakot . has been informed that the missiles purchased were upgraded ones from the current stocks and now come with additional capabilities and longer range than current inventory. Continue reading


IUCAV-UHF20 engine under development for the Ghatak unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) in the next phase will conduct a study on core enhancement of the same engine once it begins testing phase in the next 3 years said informed sources close to

In the first phase, IUCAV-UHF20 engine which is a non-afterburning engine with 52 KN thrust class will be developed for Ghatak UCAV program and in the second phase, an afterburning version will be developed with 85-90 kN thrust class so that it can be offered to replace F404-GE-IN20 engines at a later stage in Tejas Mk1A fleet. Continue reading


Key Missile tests that were canceled due to Covid-19 situation in the country scheduled for March and April will likely now be rescheduled and will happen after monsoon is over by DRDO. As informed to, the Extended version of MR-SAM and BrahMos-ER were some of the key missile tests which were delayed due to the Covid-19 situation and also due to Non-Availability of Russian and Israeli team at the launch site.

All Experimental Missile launches are avoided at Monsoon period between June to August usually when the missile launch pads at Eastern India, see very heavy rains during this period. While all Missile system developed by DRDO is All-weather systems, due to their experimental nature such missile is not tested in adverse weather conditions to avoid any undue incidents at the launch pads which can damage the surrounding areas were civilian population exists. Continue reading


Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has been given go head by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) to start work on New Twin Engined Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) jet as per latest media reports and as per information provided to, Senior officials from both Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Navy (IN) were present at the meeting and both have agreed to commit 150 jets jointly before the MOD agreed to give Go head clearance for the New ADA project.

While actual numbers of a jet produced might vary since the jet in question is at least 10 years away from entering production. MOD needed a number before another fighter jet program could have got a clearance and as per information provided to, the Navy has agreed to procure a minimum of 100 jets for its Carrier-based operations and IAF is willing to commit to procuring 50 jets if the jet meets its Operational requirements. Continue reading


Rafael Advanced Defense System developed ER Derby-I BVR (Beyond Visual Range Missile ) will be ready for integration trials on leading fighter jet particularly, Mirage-2000, Sukhoi-30MKI and LCA-Tejas if Indian Air Force (IAF) desires so said company official as IAF plans to replace Russian made R-77 BVRAAMs on frontline fighters like Sukhoi-30.

A previous version of I-Derby BVRAAM with a range of 50 km already has been integrated with the LCA-Tejas Mk1 fighter jets but this missile stock came from existing inventory procured for Navy’s Sea Harrier jets which now have been long retired and some I-Derby BVRAAM came from Spyder-SR Air Defense system inventory. Continue reading


Air Chief Marshal R.K.S. Bhadauria recently confirmed that Indian Air Force (IAF) has committed to procure 100 Medium weight fighter (MWF) which are to be locally produced and have been designed by Country’s Nodal design agency Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), but IAF has asked the company to have higher participation from the private sector companies, more than what has been planned by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) which is in charge of Tejas Mk1A program.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has decided to outsource the manufacturing of the entire fuselage of the upcoming Tejas Mk1A program to the private sector companies and these companies have already started manufacturing them for the current batch of FOC Configuration Tejas Mk1. Continue reading


Air Chief Marshal RK Bhadauria in talks with Indian media has confirmed that Indian Air Force (IAF) plans to procure at least 6 Squadrons of upcoming Medium Weight Fighter (MWF), Project name which still goes by as Tejas Mk2 and has committed to procure 100 jets, which will comprise of 16 jets per squadron Since no trainer variant (conversion two-seaters) have been planned for each squadron at least 4 jets will be used to train new pilots and will move among this squadrons to be used as Single seater Trainer for pilots moving from Tejas Mk1/A and other squadrons.

HAL and ADA will start work on first pre-production IOC certified MWF aircraft from 2021 onwards by starting metal cutting work and final configuration freeze will happen by end of this year so that operation is smooth and on the scheduled time. Continue reading


                                   FIM-92 Stinger

Some of the Private sector companies in India have approached the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and have requested to give them funding to built Man-portable short-range air defense missiles in a deal worth $ 1.4 billion which Russia has won for its IGLA-S system for Indian forces’ immediate requirement of 800 launchers and more than 5,000 missiles under the VSHORADS (Very Short-Range Air Defence System) program.

Under the VSHORADS program all three services, beginning with the Army demanded man-portable and shoulder-fired short-range air defense missiles against low-flying threats from the air with a range of 6-8 km up to a height of 3 km. The combined tri-service requirement will be close to 15000 missiles in a deal worth close to $ 4 billion. Continue reading


Air Force Chief reference of ” Rafale Class ” contradicts what Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat said in an interview in New Delhi that IAF is willing to go for LCA-Tejas instead of 114 jets under a tender for foreign fighter jet manufactures specific reference to the Dassault Rafale under Make in India initiate also confirms that Rafale is still the front runner and IAF is not willing to substitute Rafale purchase with locally developed LCA-Tejas Mk1A and Mk2 platforms.

Earlier this year, the French aircraft manufacturer Dassault was in talks to buy out the stake of its partner Reliance in their joint-venture Dassault Reliance Aerospace Limited (DRAL). Reliance Infrastructure which holds the majority shares of 51:49 in JV and Dassault wanted to buy 100 percent ownership of DRAL, as is permissible under Indian regulations. Continue reading


Ministry of Defence, Government of India, intends to procure approximately 36 x High Mobility Vehicle 8×8 GS (Prime Mover for Trailer 70 Ton Tank Transporter) and Request For Information (RFI) to procure a vehicle to be used for transportation of Trailer 70 Ton Tank Transporter loaded with medium, heavy tanks weighing up to 70 Tons on metalled roads and tracks. 

As per RFI the vehicle should be provided with 8×8 drive and is capable of operating as a General Service High Mobility load carrier with a payload capacity of not less than 12 Tons in plains, deserts and cross country conditions prevalent in the country within a temperature range of 0 0C to 450C. The platform should facilitate modification for other uses including troop carriage, containerization, and specialist roles. Continue reading


Artillery guns have been put in a Negative list of items banned from imports recently by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), which comes as a huge boost for the Indian Private defense industry where Army had the requirement for 1,580 towed guns and the majority of the systems might eventually be manufactured locally by major Private contractors like Bharat Forge and Tata Defence which has co-developed Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) with India’s State-owned DRDO.

Negative List will impact Israel’s Elbit Systems which had won a tender to deliver its ATHOS (Autonomous Towed Howitzer Ordnance System) 2052 to the Indian Army, in a deal estimated at over $1 Billion for 400 guns to meet Indian Army’s 155 mm/52 caliber towed artillery gun requirement, which now might go solely to the ATAGS developed locally in India. Continue reading


Statement made by Chief of Defence Staff Bipin Rawat that IAF is ready to accept additional Tejas over MMRCA 2 Tender for 114 units of fighter jets of foreign make has gone without any clarification coming out of Indian Air Force (IAF) on this regard but a senior ranking serving officer speaking to has said that present virus and economic situation makes it difficult to push for procurement of foreign fighter jet but it is still hopeful that they will be allowed since the original plan of things already had ” Make in India ” factored in and these jets were supposed to be made in India.

While IAF’s Top Brass is tig lipped about it, was informed that deal for 83 Tejas Mk1A is just a formality now and can happen in coming weeks but IAF has no plans to order more of the upgraded Tejas MK1A as a supplement to the MMRCA jets since both were planned with different roles in the air force and are from different weight category as MMRCA 2 tender was not about Mig-21 replacement it was always about strengthening the mid-tier category of fighter jet fleet in the Air force. Continue reading


                              REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE

In 2015, the Indian Navy decided it wants a twin-engine platform for its deck-based operations, the current single-engine configuration of the N-LCA Mk1 which has been used as a Tech demonstrator for the NLCA Mk-2 program was dropped after Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) had completed design works on the Mk2 with improved payload and fuel carrying capacity and with 3 tonnes more Take off weight than the Mk1.

Change of heart from single-engine to twin-engine configuration for indigenous carrier-based fighter jet meant that Navy asked ADA to carry out feasibility studies to work on developing a Carrier-based fighter jet from the proposed 5th Generation AMCA program for the Indian Air Force (IAF), as told ADA did submit its reports to the Naval Head Quarters with a significant warning for converting current AMCA design into a Naval fighter jet. Continue reading


Boeing 707-337C SIGINT platform used by Aviation Research Centre (ARC) the airborne wing of R&AW and flown and maintained by the Indian Air force (IAF) was found flying over Pakistani airspace on popular real-time and world’s most popular flight tracker application called ” Flightradar24 ” most likely due to a technical glitch.

Flightpath of IAF’s Boeing 707-337C SIGINT over Pakistani air space was posted and flagged on Twitter by some in the Indian OSNIT community members which use the Flightradar24 app for regular monitoring of the flights of AWACS, Transport, VVIP and SIGINT platform used by IAF and Pakistan Air force on both sides of the border.

Continue reading


Unnamed Nuclear submarine which goes by Project name ” S4″ will be launched as per schedule launch window later this year amid the Chinese virus pandemic situation in the country but at the secret facility where they were under construction work continued with a smaller workforce and it will begin again now with full force soon after easing of restrictions in the area.

INS Arighat which is a sister class ship of INS Arihant has been in the sea for time being and crew have been in self quarantined to avoid the spread of the virus in the nuclear submarine. INS Arighat is set to be inducted into the Navy after carrying out extensive trials of the submarine at the port and in the deep sea for the last two years. Continue reading