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UN investigators called Monday for Myanmar’s army chief to resign and for him and five other top military commanders to be prosecuted in an international court for genocide against the country’s Rohingya minority.

The call prompted Facebook, which has been criticised for allowing hate speech against the Rohingya to flourish, to ban the army chief and remove other pages tied to the country’s military.Some 700,000 Rohingya Muslims fled northern Rakhine state to Bangladesh after Myanmar launched a brutal crackdown in August last year on insurgents amid accounts of arson, murder and rape at the hands of soldiers and vigilante mobs in the mainly Buddhist country. Continue reading


An active powered exoskeleton with integrated electric motors and a storage battery tested in Russia will allow servicemen to accurately hit targets with a machine-gun held with one hand, Chief Designer for the Life Support System of the Soldier Combat Outfit at the TsNiiTochMash defense contractor Oleg Faustov told TASS on Monday.

“We have already held trials for the prototype of the active exoskeleton. It really enhances a serviceman’s physical abilities. For example, the tester was able to shoot from a machine-gun only with one hand and accurately hit targets,” Faustov said, replying to the corresponding question. Continue reading


Russia’s Kornet anti-tank missile system has been fitted with the ‘top attack’ capability to strike the armor from the above like the US FGM-148 Javelin weapon, High Precision Systems (the Kornet’s developer) said at the Army-2018 international military and technical forum on Friday.

“Already now, given its skillful use, when it is fired above the sight line, the Kornet anti-tank missile system allows attacking the target’s upper semi-sphere,” the company said, responding to a question about whether the Kornet would get the ‘top attack’ mode like the Javelin. Continue reading


Under Xi Jinping’s leadership, the modernisation of the Chinese military has been given prime importance with the country’s army, navy and air force looking at technological advancements to become a potent force. With an eye on the global military dominance that has traditionally been enjoyed by the like of the United States and Russia, China may well be looking at drones to turn the proverbial tide in its favour.

A recent report in the South China Morning Post outlined just why drones and similar unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are being increasingly added to all three Chinese military forces. These are apart from cutting-edge weapons being researched to give the edge to foot soldiers, like laser guns and hypersonic ballistic missiles. Continue reading


A report by the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission has stated that Beijing could be using threat tactics against ethnic Chinese communities living abroad to turn them into its spies.

In the report published for a US congressional body, it is highlighted that threat to families of ethnic Chinese like Uygurs are being made to ensure the spy network is strengthened. It is also possible that such tactics are being increasingly employed to increase loyalty to the Communist Party – both in China and in foreign countries. Continue reading


The Russian Navy has launched work to develop a nuclear propulsion system for a next-generation aircraft carrier and is already working on the warship’s project, Navy Shipbuilding Chief Rear Admiral Vladimir Tryapichnikov told Zvezda TV Channel on Friday.

“This is a very complex issue. It is, indeed, being worked out today by the design bureaus of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. It is also being decided by shipyards as capacities are needed to create such a warship,” the rear admiral said, replying to a question about whether the Navy needed a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Continue reading


On April 9, 1972, Iraq and the Soviet Union signed an historic agreement. The USSR committed to arming the Arab republic with the latest weaponry. In return for sending Baghdad guns, tanks and jet fighters, Moscow got just one thing?—?influence … in a region that held most of the world’s accessible oil.

In neighboring Iran, news of Iraq’s alliance with the Soviets exploded like a bomb. Ethnically Persian and predominately Shia, Iran was?—?and still is?—?a bitter rival of Iraq’s Sunni Arab establishment, which during the 1970s dominated the country’s politics.

Continue reading


Pakistan has been playing a dubious role in Afghanistan while dealing with the Taliban and other terror outfits, alleged a veteran United States army colonel, Lawrence Sellin. Sellin, who has served in Afghanistan, northern Iraq and a humanitarian mission of West Africa, wrote in The Daily Caller that Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) provided arms and ammunition to Taliban fighters in October 2001, just after U.S. bombing of Afghanistan began.

The then Pakistani President General Pervez Musharraf held a meeting with ISI director Lt. Gen. Mahmod Ahmed and other top brass of the army, who argued that Pakistan should not help the United States at all in its war against the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Continue reading


The Maritime Self-Defense Force will hold joint military exercises with five Asian navies and the U.S. during a rare long-term dispatch to the South China Sea and Indian Ocean, the Defense Ministry’s Maritime Staff Office has said, in a move certain to stoke anger in Beijing.

Japan announced Tuesday that it will send three vessels — including its largest, the helicopter destroyer Kaga — for a more than month long tour set to begin Sunday and run through October. Continue reading


Russia is developing a prototype of a completely new vertical take-off plane on the instruction of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov said on Tuesday.

“This work has, indeed, been included in the state armament program and is being conducted on the instruction of the supreme commander-in-chief. Now work is underway to develop conceptual models and prototypes,” the vice-premier said. Continue reading


Russia is preparing to recover a nuclear missile which crashed into the sea after a failed test last year. Crews will attempt to recover a missile that was test launched in November and landed in the Barents Sea, which is located north of Norway and Russia.

The recovery operation will include three ships, one of which is equipped to deal with the radioactive material. Scientists are worried that nuclear material from the missile could damage the ocean.  Continue reading


Uralvagonzavod (UVZ), a part of Russia’s state corporation Rostec is ready to create a new heavy tank with a 152-mm cannon on the basis of the Armata platform, UVZ press service told TASS.

“There are technical resources to create a tank on the Armata platform,” the source said. “The decision is up to the client, the Russian Defense Ministry.” Continue reading

SOURCE: The Pioneer.

Cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu is in the eye of a controversy for hugging Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa at the swearing-in ceremony of Imran Khan in Islamabad. The overture, to be honest, was from the side of General Bajwa. But the General being in his uniform, Sidhu possibly could not have been ignorant of his identity. The General

reportedly stated that they desired peace and made his reverence for Baba Nanak (Guru Nanak Dev) obvious. Continue reading


Kalashnikov Concern paraded the invention at the Army 2018 Fair, the International Military-Tech forum, at Patriot Park near Moscow today.The enormous 4.5 tonne bulletproof robot can hold weapons in its claws and was presented to its audience as a “demonstration of what is to come”.

Pilots operate the robot, named Igorek, from an internal cabin and are protected from aggressors, bullets or debris, by a metal shield and armoured glass. The robot is still under construction and Kalashnikov is keeping any further spec details hush hush for now. Continue reading


Iran unveiled what it called its first domestic fighter jet at a defence show in Tehran on Tuesday. The country’s president said it would enhance Tehran’s deterrence capabilities in confronting Washington.

Images on state television showed President Hassan Rowhani sitting in the cockpit of the new plane at the National Defence Industry exhibition in Tehran. The Tasnim news agency described the jet as a fourth-generation fighter, with “advanced avionics” and multi-purpose radar, adding that it was “100 per cent indigenously made”. Continue reading