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A Pakistan Air Force Ilyushin Il-78 air-to-air refuelling tanker aircraft are will be refurbished at the Russian 360th Aircraft Repair Plant in Ryazan, reported by

The Pakistan Air Force has signed an agreement with JSC Rosoboronexport and 360th Aircraft Repair Plant for the refurbished of its fleet of Ilyushin Il-78 air-to-air refuelling tanker aircraft. Continue reading

SOURCE:IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly

Taiwan has begun the process of upgrading its Lockheed Martin F-16 fighting Falcon combat aircraft to the latest F-16V configuration, with the first jets arriving at the Aerospace Industrial Development Corp (AIDC) facility in Taichung, it was reported on 17 January.

The first four of the Republic of China Air Force’s (RoCAF’s) F-16A/Bs to be retrofitted were flown to the facility in the northwest of the island the day before the disclosure of the commencement of the project, which was made by national media. Continue reading


Russia’s military successfully test-fired a Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile, according to the country’s defense ministry.

The missile, one of Russia’s first ICBMs developed after the fall of the Soviet Union, was fired from the Plesetsk spaceport and struck its target at a firing range in the Kamchatka Peninsula. Russian defense authorities say the test was conducted to confirm the weapon’s stability. Continue reading


Ever since the Cold War, relations between Moscow and Islamabad have remained weak. Back then during the time of bipolarity, Pakistan was a close ally of the United States while India mainly sided with the Soviet Union.

Moscow and Islamabad were involved in military activities against each other with devastating consequences. In 1971 the Soviet Union supplied weapons and helped to arrange training camps for the Mukti Bahini guerrilla resistance movement in East Pakistan (as described by Ex-Soviet KGB foreign intelligence chief Leonid Shebarshin and Indian Intelligence Bureau officer Malloy Krishna Dhar). Moscow contributed to Pakistan’s defeat in the 1971 war and the emergence of Bangladesh as a state. Continue reading


China on Monday clarified that it had not “donated” two warships to Pakistan, but that the transfer of vessels, apparently for the defence of Gwadar port, was part of a legitimate “military trade” between the two countries.

“I have learnt that some reports said China has donated these vessels. This is not correct… It is normal military trade cooperation [between] the two countries and complies with the international commitments of the two countries,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying at her regular press briefing. Continue reading


Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani said on Monday he told Pakistan’s army chief, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, that perpetrators of recent attacks in Afghanistan were “living and being recruited from Pakistan but no action has been taken”.

Ghani told Bajwa that his government had a strong will to avenge the terrorist attacks and ensure security across the country .

Continue reading


Defence Minister Khawaja Asif on Monday reiterated in the Senate that Pakistan’s armed forces would respond with full force if India tried to carry out any surgical strikes inside Pakistan.Asif, in a fiery speech, said that if India dared to carry out surgical strikes inside Pakistan, a befitting response would be meted out, making India forget any claims of false strikes.

He also said that India’s past claims of surgical strikes were found to be baseless and false.Asif claimed that the Kashmiri struggle for freedom, India’s internal political compulsion, and its avoidance of composite dialogue were among the reasons behind its unprovoked ceasefire violations along the Line of Control and Working Boundary. Continue reading


Japan will provide Vietnam new patrol vessels, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said today on the last stop of his four-nation tour to boost his country’s trade and security engagements in Asia amid China’s rising dominance.

“The two countries will further strengthen security and defense cooperation and this time Japan has decided to provide (Vietnam with) newly built patrol vessels at Vietnam’s request,” Abe said at a news conference in Hanoi with his Vietnamese counterpart Nguyen Xuan Phuc. “We will strongly support Vietnam’s strengthening its maritime law-enforcement capabilities.” Continue reading


Russia’s upcoming Il-96-400TZ flying tanker will also be able to haul cargoes and passengers, Ilyushin’s Deputy Chief Designer Olga Kruglyakova said in an interview with United Aircraft Corporation’s journal Horizon.

“President Putin ordered us to continue our work on an aerial refueling tanker based on the Ilyushin Il-96 jumbo,” Kruglyakova said. Continue reading


Recent photos from Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) show that JF-17 Block-II production has reached 33 aircraft (2P-33), showing that production of the variant has crossed the half-way mark. Moreover, it appears that the Pakistan Air Force (PAF)’s Block-II production run could conclude in 2017. These second-half (i.e. 2P-25/26-50) units are also configured for in-flight refuelling, albeit through a removable probe on the starboard side of the fighter. Continue reading


During the early 1980s, the People’s Republic of China attempted to modernize its nuclear deterrent force. One concrete results of the effort was the construction of a single nuclear ballistic missile submarine, a “boomer” in arms-control parlance. Constructed at enormous cost, the Xia class of submarines was such a disappointment that a follow-on class was not fielded for twenty years.

For a country with a population of more than a billion, the People’s Republic of China has a remarkably small nuclear force—and a restrained nuclear policy. The country detonated its first nuclear device in 1964, and its first thermonuclear device in 1957. The country’s nuclear weapons, under the control of the People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force, are estimated to total approximately 260 weapons, equipping both land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles and sea-based submarine-launched ballistic missiles. Continue reading


The plan for a new international Islamic army with its command center based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is going ahead. However, it’s unlikely to make “any dent in violence in any major Islamic country,” an analyst told Sputnik.

The Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance to Fight Terrorism (IMAFT), dubbed the Muslim NATO, will be made up of 39 Sunni Muslim states under the command of Raheel Sharif, Pakistan’s retired army chief. According to media reports, the announcement that Raheel Sharif would lead the so-called new Muslim NATO came from Pakistani defense minister Khawaja Asif, who revealed the appointment on television. The IMAFT was created in 2015 to fight Daesh (also known as Islamic State) terrorists, but is not supported by Iran. Continue reading


A leading Chinese daily on Friday warned the US of a “large-scale war” if it tries to block Beijing’s access to the South China Sea islands.The state-run Global Times said that if recent statements become a policy when Donald Trump takes over as President “the two sides had better prepare for a military clash”.

It said any approach by Washington to prevent Chinese access to the islands will be “foolish”.
The editorial in the English-language daily, which is known to reflect the thinking of the Chinese Communist leadership, came after Rex Tillerson, Trump’s nominee for Secretary of State, called China’s activity in the waters (South China Sea), which see $5 trillion in ship borne trade a year, “extremely worrisome” and sought denial of its access to the artificial islands. Continue reading


In India, if 10 Civilians are asked who is Army Chief of India 9 might fail to answer but in Pakistan out of 10 asked 9 might be able to tell that General Raheel Sharif is current Pakistan Army Chief . General Raheel Sharif at present enjoys more public popularity and respect then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif .

Posters urging General Raheel Sharif to take over Pakistan have been cropping up on and off near Islamabad for last few months and Panama leaks which named Nawaz Sharif family of corruption and offshore accounts already has dented his image in the public. Western and European countries are increasingly worried that powerful and influential forces in Pakistan are working in the background in creating a situation in Pakistan which will allow General Raheel Sharif to take over Pakistan before his retirement later this year . Continue reading


Chinese designed , Pakistan assembled JF-17 fighter jet was declared has a rightful successor to the legendary Soviet-era Mig-21 and was quoted as the best and most affordable 4th Generation light-class fighter jet which will eventually replace much older Chinese copy of Mig-21 (F-7) and Soviet-supplied Mig-21s in air force around the world .

But reported Second crash of JF-17 into the Arabian sea killing the pilot and total silence by both Chinese and Pakistani military over the crash has dented huge claims made by both Pakistan and China on offering a modern fighter at an affordable price tag which eventually might hurt its export potential further . Continue reading

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