Video grab from the crash site

News just coming in that Mirage-2000 trainer of Indian Air Force has crashed at HAL Airport in Bangalore. As per early inputs received Both pilots have ejected from the ill fated aircraft but their are also unconfirmed reports that one of pilot didn’t make it and another one has suffered serious injuries and has been taken to air force hospital but as per latest inputs he to didn’t make it .

this is second crash of IAF fighter jet in less than a week , few days back Jaguar ground attack aircraft crashed in state of UP while on routine training sortie is waiting for more news inputs for more information , so kindly hang on


11.30 : Sqn Ldr Negi and  Sqn Ldr Abrol were pilots of the Mirage-2000 trainer

11.44 : After takeoff aircraft developed snag and pilots had low ejection

11.46 : Mirage-2000 trainer was recently upgraded by HAL and was going though customer acceptance trials before it been handed over


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