Raveesh Kumar official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) in India has clarified that India has not supplied supersonic Brahmos Cruise missiles to Vietnam and spokesperson for Vietnam’s External Affairs also has clarified he had not confirmed the sale and just talked about defence and strategic relations with India and was misquoted by Vietnamese media .

Earlier this year India and Vietnam had held talks on the sale of indigenously developed surface-to-air Akash missile and supersonic Brahmos missile to Vietnam but the sale is yet to be concluded.

Vietnam plans to manufacture Akash MK1 Surface to Air Missile locally with help of Transfer of Technology from India, While India plans to start development of improved Akash 1S and Akash NG (Next Generation ) surface-to-air Missile Systems.

Brahmos Mach 3 Supersonic cruise which India has developed with Russia will not involve Transfer of Technology to Vietnam and will come with capped range of 290km even though India and Russia already have tested BrahMos with a range up to 450 km recently and are now planning to develop enhanced 800 range variant by 2019.

Vietnam has shown interest in procurement of Coastal BrahMos Missile system which is Truck based Anti-Ship Cruise Missile to protect its Coastline.

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