BrahMos Mini is official been dubbed as BrahMos NG (Next generation ) Since Air force, Army, and Navy all are now on-board new missile system project and have agreed to fund and Purchase new lighter Brahmos missile systems.

BrahMos Corporation (BA) in the initial stage wanted to develop BrahMos Mini for Air force so that other fighter aircraft like Mig-29 and Sukhoi-30 could be integrated with the new missile, without carrying out heavy modifications but Army and Navy have expressed their willingness to be part of BrahMos NG (Next generation ) Project which will eventually replace older BrahMos in next decade or so .

BrahMos NG weighing around 1.5 tons with a range of 290km will be able to carry same 300kg payload with the same speed of Mach 3 of it older siblings but will be half in weight and height but will pack same level of punch as the older sibling . NG will be 6 meters and its diameter will be 50 centimeters.

BrahMos NG will have Land-based Army variant, ship-borne and Submarine tube-launched variant for Navy and Air launched variant  which can be carried on India air forces Mig-29, sukhoi-30 and FGFA. BrahMos Corporation (BA) has promised first flight of BrahMos NG in 2017-18 and lighter BrahMos will ensure that technology will remain relevant in next decade and  also will be harder to detect now and almost impossible to get hit by air-defense missiles.