This is Part 2 series of BrahMos ER (Extended Range) and its impact on China & Pakistan (Read Part 1 Here ).


China’s increasing military presence including bases closer to India, particular in Tibetan Plateau region and construction of all-weather highways up to Indian border had assured that PLA in event of war with India will be able to move and relocate much faster than Indian Army in the region.

But India already had made plans to deploys BrahMos in the region, which was protested by Chinese media indicating BrahMos in the region was making Chinese nervous. India also developed Block III version which boasts of advanced guidance and upgraded software which enables the missile to hit it target with precision strike capability in mountain warfare.

Block-III is specially meant for operations in mountain warfare where the missile has the ability to hit the target with a steep dive and further improvements planned will only improve further its steep drive capabilities.

Brahmos Block-III due to its capped range of 290 km meant it could have come handy in targeting PLA logistics movements on G219 Chinese National highway which are closer to Leh and Ladakh region and Friendship Chinese National highway closer to Nepal border and even forward bases of PLA but it certainly couldn’t do much damage to the core PLA and PLAAF bases in the region, but that is about to change now .

Brahmos Block-III ER with range of 650 to 800 km for operations in such high altitude will now allow India to target key military installations in Tibetan Plateau including Lhasa which is the capital but also other key areas like Nagqu, payang, and saga in short Brahmos ER will now more or less will cover whole of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) .

Brahmos Block-III ER other than Tibet also covers China’s southern provinces like Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province and Chengdu is the capital of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, which also have large Chinese military presence.


Brahmos even with it previous capped range of 290 km had covered almost all major Pakistani Cities and Major military installations in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Multan and Peshawar. But Key City which now comes under the range of Brahmos ER will be Gwadar Port.

Just to add another interesting dimension in the region is that now BrahMos can now hit Kabul, Kandahar in Afghanistan if ever need be arise.

Conclusion: Enhanced and Increased range of BrahMos can particularly do more damage to Chinese ambition in the Indian ocean and in the region if it ever decides to do any misadventure. Against Pakistan front, Brahmos ER has whole country and key military installations under its range and no doubt will play a key role in decimating most secured military infrastructures, Airbases and Naval bases in event of war.

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