With MTCR restrictions gone now, India is all set to explore Brahmos true capabilities and extend its range further down the line.Recently India test fires Brahmos Supersonic Cruise missile with the range of 450 kilometers but has for media reports Brahmos range will have even further extended till 800 kilometers which is a 176% jump in its range from an earlier capped range of 290 kilometers.

DRDO has confirmed that current production batch of Brahmos will be the first block to get an extended range of 800 kilometers and in phase wise, all the existing BrahMos inventories will be upgraded to 800 kilometers range at the later stage. Indian Army and Indian Navy will be the first Service commands which will be first to switch to the extended range version of Brahmos missiles.

Brahmos primarily developed as an anti-ship Cruise missile and Navy been largest operator of Brahmos Cruise missiles the extended range variant is all set to change the Dynamics in the Indian Ocean for India.

Brahmos ER and the Indian Ocean

Supersonic Mach 3 capable Brahmos cruise missile was always a formidable offensive weapon system for Indian Navy since it was originally conceived has an anti-ship Cruise missile which has the firepower to sink an aircraft carrier.

Brahmos over the last 15 years, India and Russia together have developed newer block variants which have further enhanced its capabilities. Brahmos missile is only Cruise missile in the world which can claim fire and forget capability due to its accuracy and inability of any air defence system to intercept the manoeuvrable Mach-3 Supersonic Cruise missile.

Since Brahmos is standard weapon system in all latest frigates and destroyers of Indian Navy Brahmos with extended range will not only enhance long range offensive capabilities of the Indian Navy but it will also bring in much-needed deterrence capability in the Indian Ocean against rising Chinese Naval expansion in the Indian Ocean and rapidly modernising Pakistani Navy.

Brahmos ER finally will allow Indian Naval warship to stay away from the range of anti-ship missiles of the rivals and launch Brahmos farther away from the target. Submarine launched Brahmos ER when integrated with submarines of project-75I will act has a force multiplier for the Indian Navy in the Indian ocean.

Brahmos ER will also allow Indian Navy to be used as an offensive command since this missile in the sea to land attack mode can be used to destroy and damage coastal cities and military targets like ports and Naval base further crippling rivals military infrastructures.

Brahmos ER no doubt brings in added long-range capabilities and strengthens Indian navy’s offensive capabilities while India and Russia continue to develop the next to next variant Brahmos NG and Brahmos-2K with further enhanced capabilities which will keep Indian armed forces ahead of its rivals in the region for decades to come.

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