Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa Thursday said the long-delayed BrahMos-A trials from a modified IAF Su-30 MKIs will be carried out in the month of November. Air-launched BrahMos A will be fired in the Bay of Bengal towards a decommissioned ship as a target for the missile.

Two specially modified IAF Su-30 MKIs have already cleared Captive and Drop trials and data collected from this trials including from simulation trials have been positive and encouraging for the all the agencies involved in the Project.

It is yet to be made clear if the target of BrahMos A will be placed beyond 290km range limitation which was imposed on BrahMos by Russians. Since then India’s entry into MTCR regime already seen BrahMos taking down a target at 450km and by 2019 an 800km version will also be tested.

Theoretically, BrahMos A can be later adapted to reach 800km target once it is ready for induction but for time being the first missile trial might be limited to 290km. Mach 3 capable BrahMos A with 800km range will be formidable aerial launched missile system which will give India un-parallel firepower from the sky, a system with no competitor and no Air Defence system to stop it.

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