BrahMos Aerospace Chief has confirmed that the first batch of BrahMos-A will be ready for induction into Indian Airforce by end of this year while one last trial of the missile system will happen in next one or two months before the missile is cleared of all trials. BrahMos Aerospace had pre-emptied production of the BrahMos-A to cut down production time due to which missile will be ready in shorter duration and post-Balakot airstrikes by IAF, Missile system has been further fast-tracked due to its long-range precision targeting abilities which will come handy in next missions.

Brahmos-A has been successfully tested twice, first in Anti-ship role and in the second trial, BrahMos-A took out a land-based Target of a deserted island in the Andaman Nicobar chain of islands in the Bay of Bengal. The final trial of the BrahMos-A will be tested in Anti-ship role before it is cleared for induction into IAF.

BrahMos-A already has demonstrated its steep dive mode while taking out a land-based target at the 90-degree angle which comes in handy while taking out a specific target in a cluster of possible targets. Steep dive is an important feature, since post-Balakot airstrikes, the Pakistani military has moved its Terror training camps close to civilian population areas which can be used for negative propaganda if a missile hit wrong targets. With 90-degree angle steep dive capability of the missile system, BrahMos-A can be fired from 300 km away and still will be able to achieve precision accuracy without causing civilian casualties.

Indian Army has tested Steep dive variant of BrahMos missile to take out hidden targets in the mountain areas and same has been adapted for IAF for the Air launched variant. BrahMos variant will soon feature further improved Mach 4.5 speed along with a range of 500km soon after India’s entry into MTCR regime. India also has started development work on BrahMos-NG which is one tonne lighter variant of the Mach 3 supersonic cruise missile will be ready by 2024.

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