Boeing is pushing for that exclusive deal with India which might save its fighter division from closing down permanently and has promised to go the extra mile to help India develop India’s 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet locally in India in the same plant after completion of the F-18 orders for the Country said Industrial sources close to

Boeing has offered India, its F-18 E/F fighter jets which are exclusively flown by US Navy as an Aircraft Carrier-based fighter jet and has offered it in the latest Block III configuration which comes with added capabilities to India. Boeing has told IAF that under Block III configuration Super Hornets have been further enhanced to work better with the stealthy fighter aircraft like AMCA in high-end conflicts.

Under Block III configuration F/A-18E/Fs will feature five major upgrades. Conformal fuel tanks, Infrared search, and track (IRST) capability, new mission computers and data links, single wide-area multi-function display in the cockpit and new paint to reduce its RCS when flying with a Stealth aircraft in joint missions.

While it is still not clear if Boeing will include General Electric’s F414-EPE “Enhanced Performance” Engine with higher thrust under Block III configuration which has been cleared for development by US NAvy for its soon to be ordered 110 fighter jets. Boeing has partnered with HAL and Mahindra to build F-18’s in India if it wins the contract and has proposed to IAF to use the same facility to build AMCA when it enters production in 2035. has been informed that Boeing is one of the companies which has responded to the Expression of Interest issued by ADA in 2018 to develop and manufacture Two Next-Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD) aircraft for them to be used as Test-bed for many technologies which will eventually go in AMCA Prototypes. NGTD-1&2 will be like TD-1&2 of the LCA program which was developed in the late ’90s by ADA to test basic features of the LCA before it moved to the Prototype stage. ADA has promised the first flight of AMCA in 2025 and it looks like Boeing is ready to work on the AMCA program even with no written assurance from India for purchase of its F-18.


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