While BJP in its antipathy towards INC but reality is some of the biggest ills for India’s defense have been BJPs doing, list is endless but main reasons are listed below.

  1. in 1998-99 NDA rejected MDL plea for manufacturing HDW subs &selected for Scorpene subs, meaning MDL had to unlearn and relearn sub making a costly affair and waste of tax payer money.
  2. Going for Su30 floated by London based arms dealer Sudhir Choudhary instead of lapping up France proposal for 150 Mirage 2000, if that proposal was accepted IAF wouldn’t be starring at such low numbers today (not confirmed but its said during 13 day stint in 1996 NDA govt approved 2 proposal 1st to go for nuke test and 2nd to go for Su30 that was taken forward in 1997)
  3. Wasting precious tax payers money by going after 14 seater SARAS when HAL is building 19 seater Do228 (NDA in 1998 even rejected Dornier proposal for 30 seater turboprop and Dornier Fairchild proposal for 44 seat regional jet)
  4. Uselessly approve money for IJT 36, BTT 40 and spend tax payer money on planes that are not needed, when the international norm is for BTT, AJT, LIFT, then fighter jet.
  5. Selecting T90S in 1998 instead of going for Tank Ex and Arjun’s 1/2.
  6. Selecting the lone bid of Airbus-TATA consortium in 2015 for C27J Spartan even when USAF has itself has sent all its C27J Spartans into aircraft boneyard despite them being fairly new bcoz of defects.

so judge for yourself whether it is INC OR BJP which party has caused problems for India Defense, become some of the biggest ills are courtesy of BJP/NDA.



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