Czech Republic-based manufacturer Primoco UAV and Indian Public Sector Undertaking, Bharat Earth Movers Limited (BEML) will be showcasing Primoco UAV One 150 a UAV designed for the civilian and military sectors. Primoco UAV One 150 can fly for 15 hours and has a 200 km radio range and take-off, perform and land autonomously.

BEML will also be showcasing locally developed turboprop gasoline aero-engine powered UAV that has been designed by the company and Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. 

BEML manufactures variants of BEML Tatra vehicle for all-terrain operations including Bridge Layer, Field Artillery Tractor, Medium & Heavy Recovery Vehicle, Pontoon Mainstream Bridge Systems, Crash Fire Tenders, Mobile Mast Vehicle, etc. BEML also supplies Engineering Mine Ploughs, Tank Transportation Trailers, Weapon Loading equipment, Armoured Recovery Vehicle, Milrail Coaches and Wagons. BEML plays a stellar role in the country’s Integrated Guided Missile Development Project by supplying ground support vehicles.

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