Last month Army Aviation Corps (AAC) got a major boost when Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) accepted the recommendation of Indian Army Headquarters and agreed to procure Six Apache attack helicopter which will see service with AAC instead of command and control of Indian Air Force.

For Now, DAC has dismissed an earlier request made by Army for full three squadrons of 39 Apache attack helicopters and IAF will be allowed to keep earlier ordered 22 Boeing AH-64 Apache for time being but sources close to say that small victory which AAC got, will only intensify war on command of Aviation assets like Apache in future .

The Army had requested clearance of 11 AH-64 Apache helicopters after a request for 39 Apache were turned down after air force contested and said it will lead to duplication of assets and wastage of money but still Ministry of Defence seems to have agreed and sided with ACC and gave clearance for only Six Apaches, then Defence minister Arun Jaitley also agreed that Attack Helicopters are more relevant to operate in conjunction with ground forces when it is under direct command of Army rather than in the joint command of the Army-Air force.

Defence expert Ranesh Rajan speaking to also viewed that if Army can procure 114 Light combat Helicopters (LCH) from HAL then 22 Boeing AH-64 Apache which IAF will get should be transferred to Army Aviation so that Strategic assets are used at their optimal capabilities.

Sources believe that chorus to transfer 22 Boeing AH-64 Apache to Indian Army will become louder, once the deliveries of this attack helicopter begin from 2019 onwards. IAF fears that token orders for Six Boeing AH-64 Apaches will Borden AAC to demand transfer of not only 22 AH-64 Apaches but also 15 CH-47 Chinook helicopters which India has ordered and was supposed to be operated under the joint command of the Army-Air force.

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