Pakistan Army Chief Qamar Javed Bajwa said it is time to bury the past and move forward, while the underlying tone remains that India needs to take the first steps and act on some of the preconditions offered to India to begin talks racks of the delusional state of mind, that Pakistan is presently going through. While liberal media in India just can’t see it or don’t want to see it as Aman ki Asha Gang are already working on pressure tactics using Bajwa’s carefully drafted words to open up dialogue.

While there exists no evidence that there is a possibility that the Pakistani deep state and Political circle have accepted the current status quo post-August 5, 2019 developments nor a clear understanding of what Pakistan wants from India, that has been presumed as softening of stand by liberal media in India on contiguous issues like Article 370 and 35A, which isn’t.

The third power who is in the play and talks by the geopolitical observers in Pakistan suggests that the first demand put forward was that India India restores the statehood status of J&K, which seems like what will eventually happen after the conclusion of the delimitation process post which assembly elections will be held in UT Jammu and Kashmir, that will set the tone for the restoration of the statehood in next 2-3 years. So Pakistan wants India to Fastrack this process from 2-3 years to probably in months as the first precondition.

The second precondition is where Pakistan wants a new law ensuring that no demographic change will happen in Kashmir, in short Article 35A being replaced by another lighter version of the law that will deny Hindus and other residents of the state their rights to jobs and right to own property in the UT Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan wants India to undo the removal of Article 35A by substituting it with another law due to demographic change phobia created by the Pakistani establishment even though no such things have taken place after the removal of Article 35A.

Pakistan’s peace talks might be to also allow it to make Gilgit Baltistan its 5th province with a tactical understanding with India and also reduce any chances of any military actions due which cross border firing on Line of Control.

Counter voices in POK

Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider recently called for a boycott of talks by both sides of Kashmir and decided to show red flags to any talks by Delhi and Islamabad without representation of Kashmiri in the talks. President of PoK Sardar Masood khan has taken complete opposite views on the talks and asked world communities to put sanctions on Indians and urged the Pakistani government to make a case in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) against India to stop the settlement of Indians in the valley.

Change of just 1-2% of population demographic in the 99% Muslim majority Valley is what is bothering Pakistan the most and it seems it wants India to guarantee that new laws will be brought in, that could keep the valley majority population Muslim which sounds more of a delusional demand that Pakistani deep state seems to believe will be agreed by the present government in India.

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