According to Indian media reports, Delegation from Bahrain who was in India for Aero India 2017 held a preliminary discussion with ADA on the possible purchase of LCA-Tejas trainers for Royal Bahraini Air Force (RBAF).

LCA-Tejas trainers likely to configured has a Lead-in fighter training (LIFT) aircraft. which basically are used as an advanced jet trainer aircraft with avionics and stores-management capability that emulate operational fighters to train its new pilots and to provide efficient training in combat scenarios with reduced training costs compared to moving straight to operational conversion.

RBAF operates four American supplied F-5F has operational trainers to train its pilots for flying F-16C Fighting Falcon. RBAF is currently in process of recapitalizing its fighter fleet by replacing 8 F-5 fighter fleet with new jets along with 4 F-5 trainers.

This is not the first time LCA-Tejas trainers has caught the eye of potential buyers, at height of MMRCA Competitions Eurofighter consortium lead by Germany had offered to place orders for LCA-Tejas Trainers to be used as LIFT aircraft for its air force in lieu of orders for Eurofighter Typhoon by India.

It’s been observed by many Defence analysts that LCA-Tejas trainers variant surpasses Korean developed T-50 Golden eagle in terms of performance and capabilities to be used as a Lead-in fighter training (LIFT) cum light attack aircraft and its export potentials should be further explored with countries who are in look out for LIFT aircraft for their air force .

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