Speaking at a media briefing at the 2019 LIMA exhibition in Langkawi, Russian officials have confirmed that the Russian Government is set to clear export of the Sukhoi Su-57 PAK FA fifth-generation fighter aircraft to many prospective customers like India and to countries in the middle east and Asia.

Su-57E (Export) could be officially unveiled at the Dubai Air Show in November 2019 and middle eastern countries seem to be the prime focus of Russian officials but India and China are other two long term allies of Russia who will be offered the aircraft. Russia already has closed a deal for 24 Su-35 with China and Su-35 is also offered under India’s tender for 114 fighter jets and Russians officials believe both countries will gradually warm up to Su-57E in near future. Continue reading


Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) will get a new name soon and it will be no longer called as Tejas Mk-2 after it went through major redesign changes due to which the ADA and IAF are very keen to not to tag it as Tejas Mk-2 which was light combat class fighter jet. With Maximum Takeoff the weight of 17.5 tonnes it is a totally new beast and deserves a new name which likely to be selected when the first aircraft makes it to air in 2022-23.

Wind tunnel testing of Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) scale model already has been completed and final design freeze happened last year in December and will finally move to the metal cutting stage by end of this year and already HAL has started the process to procure assembly jigs for the first aircraft.

ADA has confirmed that unlike LCA-Tejas program there will not be any Technology Demonstrators (Phase-1) nor any prototype aircraft (Phase-II) of MWF and instead there will be four Pre-production aircraft. First Two of the four Pre-production aircraft will be of Initial Operation Clearance (IOC) configuration and the last two will be of final Operation Clearance (IOC) configuration. Direct development of Pre-production aircraft will help reduce development timeline and also accelerate flight testing and trial phase so that from the first flight of the first pre-production MWF aircraft till it cleared for production, whole program can be rounded up in five years time. Continue reading


United States Airforce dispatched RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft, hours after India tested its first ASAT Anti-Satellite missile yesterday.RC-135S is the go-to aircraft of the US Administration deployed to collect optical and electronic data on ballistic targets. RC-135S was dispatched from US military facility in Diego Garcia Islands in the central Indian Ocean at 23.30 hours for an undisclosed mission in the Bay of Bengal, supported by a USAF KC-135R aerial tanker which after mid-air refueling returned to Diego Garcia.

RC-135S Cobra Ball aircraft is equipped with a sophisticated array of optical and electronic sensors which are largely used to collect data which is critical to arms treaty compliance verification, and development of U.S. strategic defense and theater missile defense concepts. Continue reading


Recently at Aero India 2019, ADA for the first time disclosed it’s intentions to develop a Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) based on its LCA-Tejas design elements but it will be, completely new program with little or no major technology borrowed from its predecessor Tejas Mk1/1A and more of its technologies will be borrowed from India’s 5th Generation AMCA fighter jet program which has been under research and development for much longer time then MWF.

According to Dr. Girish Deodhare who is Chief of Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA), the nodal agency in charge of MWF and AMCA fighter development program. Development of MWF was convinced only in 2014-15 period and the whole platform was redesigned and the previous Mk-2 design concept which was just Mk1 air frame with 0.5m fuselage plug has been discarded to allow the platform to be classified as a Medium class aircraft. Continue reading


Twitter was abuzz yesterday morning after some Netizens from Pakistan claimed to have heard some sound of firing and Pakistani Military soon announced NOTAM from 03.00 AM to 08.00 AM and all flights were suspended and major English media outlets only mentioned that there was an “operational incident ” at the airport due to which it was partially closed without going in to further details.

Video posted by a Pakistani twitter handle had suggested that an aircraft had caught fire since no details were provided by Pakistani Military into the alleged accident dubbed as “operational incident ” leading to speculation from both side of the border that Pakistani air force jet had something do with it but since it was commercial airport and was not used as an airbase by PAF, but something did happen according to many locals around 02.00 to 02.30 am in the morning which was the cause of partial closure. Continue reading


Aero India 2019 Came as big surprise to many and star attraction, of course, was Medium Weight Fighter (MWF) aka AF-Tejas Mk2 which now gets major upgrades to its design, features, and capabilities that LCA-Navy MK2 which was also showcased completely missed media attention even when the LCA-Navy Mk2 revealed major changes to the design over LCA-Navy Mk1 that it now can be called as a Clean Slate program which now has been, further optimized for aircraft carrier operations.

LCA-Navy Mk2 program is a Naval fighter jet which now comes with several improved features over Tech Demonstrator Navy-LCA Mk1 and major changes being no more Levcons, instead, it now comes with vortex flaps for reducing approach speed and the introduction of TailPlanes (Stabilators) as additional surfaces for improved control and performance. Continue reading


Two Postponements of Crucial Nirbhay sub-sonic cruise missile has attracted vultures in the air who are keen to see the long-delayed program doesn’t make it to the production stage and latest country to offer Indian cruise missile technology seems to have come from Americans who have offered India its latest Block IV long-range, subsonic Tomahawk cruise missile for Anti Ship and Land Attack operations.

Russians were the first to offer there famed 3M-54 Kalibr sea-launched cruise missile to Indian Navy and with reports of Land-attack variant also under development in Russia, India is likely to be offered a new export variant too in near future suggests new media reports. Continue reading


Two IAF’s Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets came close to 12km of the LOC yesterday around 7 pm after some aerial activities were seen across the LOC by Pakistani air force near Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistani Army had resorted to small arms gunfire in the area since 5.30 in the evening which was retaliated at the same intensity by the Indian Army.

Pakistani troops targeted Shahpur and Kerni areas, soon PAF jets were seen near LOC and two IAF jets scrambled closer to LOC to thwart any attempts to ingress into the Indian side of Line of control. Continue reading


                                                                  OLD FILE PIC

The Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Tejas SP-15 (LA-5015 ) completed its maiden flight after taking off from HAL Airport in Bangalore on 22-March-2019 piloted by Gp Capt K K Venugopal (Retd). SP-15 flew for 29 mins and landed back safely.

The LCA Tejas SP-15 is Fifteen Series Production aircraft and also last of the Single seater IOC-II Certified aircraft which after few more regular sorties will join No. 45 Squadron Indian Air Force (Flying Daggers) and complete first squadron strength. Continue reading



Pakistani Propaganda Trolls started posting picture of 4 Air to Air Missile allegedly recovered from Mig-21Bis which was shot down by Pakistani F-16 last month. Two R-77 and Two R-73 displayed in the picture was presented as a proof that Mig-21Bis which had claimed to fire an R-73 Air-to-Air Missile which brought down a Pakistani F-16 were found intact so claims of India bringing down an F-16 was Fake and Twitter Poster also tagged many Prominent Indian Defence Analysts to Burst Indian claims.

Mig-21 Bis in its Combat Air Patrol (CAP) Weapons load always carries Two R-73 and Two R-77 Air-to-Air missiles and a drop-tank on its center-line hard point so hence proved no missile was fired so no F-16 was lost was the argument made, But the move seems to have backfired soon and the Pakistani Propaganda Trolls not only deleted the post but also deleted his account after Prominent Indian Defence Analysts in their collective conclusion said that propellant and warhead sections which are missing in the R-73 displayed in the right was indeed fired upon towards a target as claimed by the Mig-21bis and all Pakistan could do was showcase seeker head and some parts of the tail. Continue reading


Poster of BrahMos-NG-Tejas Combo at Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) to be held in Malaysia, showcases things to come if RMAF Selects LCA-Tejas Mk1 fighter jets for its LCA Requirements of 12 jets. New BrahMos NG is a lighter version of the Heavier BrahMos-A supersonic missile currently under development and will first be integrated with the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) Tejas.

NG version will be much faster, capable of reaching speeds of up to 3.5 Mach from previous 2.9 Mach and will have a range of 290km. Each LCA-Tejas will be able to carry a maximum of two missiles. Continue reading


LCA-Tejas LA-5010 (SP-10) and LA-5009 (SP-09) fighter jets both belonging to No. 45 Squadron Indian Air Force (Flying Daggers) have successfully landed in Langkawi, Malaysia after taking off from Kalaikunda Air Force Station from West Bengal, today.

Contrary to earlier reports of IAF sending One Twin-Seater Trainer Variant and one single seater variant, Both SP-09 and SP-10 are Single Seater LCA-Tejas fighter jets but for the first time active Squadron aircraft belonging to Indian Air Force has made a touch down in a foreign country for the first time. Continue reading


While India might be getting next generation Meteor Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air Missile (BVRAAM) along with Rafale fighter jets which will start arriving by end of this year, but, the possible sale of Meteor missile system for other platforms like Tejas Mk1A and Sukhoi-30MKI was brick walled by MBDA due to their reservations to limit their integrations only to European Radars.

Tejas Mk1A will feature Israeli ELTA’s EL/M-2052 AESA Fire Control Radar and MBDA has refused to provide source code for the missile system preventing their installation on them. IAF’s front-line Sukhoi-30MKI fighter jets always had Russian origin N011M passive electronically scanned array radar which is likely to be upgraded with Russian AESA Radar System in near future. Continue reading


Chinese designed and Pakistani manufactured JF-17 fighter jet will not be participating in Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA) to be held in Malaysia even though JF-17 is one of the contenders for the supply of 12 (initial) +24 (follow-on) jets for Malaysian light combat aircraft (LCA) requirement for which it has already received requests for information (RFI).

Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) issued the RFIs in January this year and Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) offcials were asked by RMAF Air Chief for JF-17 demonstration at LIMA 2019, last year in November which initially was agreed upon. Continue reading


Like Mig-21Bis, R-73E short-range air-to-air missile was on verge of retirement after IAF planned to replace them with much improved European heat seeking Advanced Short Range Air-to-Air Missile (ASRAAM) among all platform,but missile system received a much-needed boost to the image when R-73E a Standard missile model procured in the ’80s managed to bring down a Pakistani F-16 last month.

ASRAAM procurement will be on and will be standard air to air missile system on all current and future aircraft but due to high procurement cost, Sources close to have informed India is now actively considering procuring improved model of the missile system called K-74M which Russia has developed to be armed on next generation Mig-35, Sukhoi-35 and Sukhoi-57 fighter aircrafts.

Continue reading