The trial of final phase of Howitzer guns that was going on at Pokhran field firing range has been stopped by DRDO after the barrel of one of the guns exploded last week. The companies left with their guns on Saturday. DRDO has formed a board to investigate the explosion of barrel and a high-level inquiry has been ordered.

The trial was going on for last 10 days in the presence of DRDO and army experts. The design of this 155mm 52-caliber gun was made by Armament Research & Development Establishment, Pune and manufactured by Tata Power and Bharat Forge. The barrel of a gun during the firing at the trial blasted in which 3-4 experts suffered minor injuries.

In 2017 also barrel of a gun of the same company exploded during trials. That time the reason was problem in ammunition. This gun has power to fire at a distance of 47km and can fire 6 rounds in 30 seconds.