Fresh tender documents for the supply of power supply and relay units for the Astra Mk2 program now confirms what was speculated for a while now that the Astra Mk2 will be the first Indigenous air to air missile that will feature an Ejection Launcher that is designed for the carriage and release of air to air missile from the fast jets which also ensures better safe missile separation on launch even in the most extreme of the flight conditions.

Another advantage of the Ejection Launcher is that it can be used on conformal stations such as those on the underside of the aircraft that offer reduced radar signature from the traditional wing pylon stations. Ejection Launcher comes as a combined pylon and launcher unit that is usually seen under the fuselage on modern high-performance fighter jets to reduce weight.

Astra Mk1 Air-to-Air missile has been using rail launcher capability that usually limits it to the traditional wing pylon stations. Astra Mk1 and R-77 can be used on the same rail launcher wing pylon and R-77 can be used from its Ejection Launcher, due to which there has been a growing need for an Ejection Launcher so that both Astra Mk1 and Astra Mk2 can be adapted to be used on the underside of the aircraft.

It is expected that the Ejection Launcher will be compatible also with short-range and beyond visual range missiles including ASRAAM, Astra-IR, Astra Mk1, and Astra Mk2 with later also includes Astra Mk3.

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