Army Aviation is take upon itself in pursuing the indigenisation program for critical components and materials with industry participation to reduce the dependence on import for its Dhruv Fleet. Participating at Aero India 2017, At Indian Army Aviation stall, was informed that Army has prepared a list which they think can be realised with the support of public and private sector industries.

Army Aviation is looking forward in indigenizing nearly 15 equipment which it feels should be done on priority and is actively scouting for public and private sector industries for possible partnerships.

1) Helmet Pointing Systems (HPS): HPS which is similar to projects information similar to that of HUD in modern aircraft for the crew to allow them to obtain situational awareness or cue weapons systems to the direction of the head pointing.

2) Transmission System: Army has design and manufacturing requirements for Bevels, Gears, Housing and Shafts for Dhruv fleet.

3) Wheel Landing Gear: HAL has designed and developed landing gear for ALH Dhruv and Army is looking for local partners for outsourcing.

4) Elastomeric Bearings: Conical Bearing, Radial Bearing and Snubber Bearing

5) InfraRed Suppression System (IRSS): IRSS device for suppression of infrared signatures.

6) Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)

7) Wireless Communication System

8) Data Link

9) Blade Folding Mechanism

10) Obstacle Avoidance system

11) Airborne Target

12) Rotor System

13) CRBN Suit: Army is looking for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) suit which is mask compatible with helicopter communication systems.

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