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The recent statement which has been issued by Pakistani foreign minister Khwaja Asif in the lower house of Pakistani Parliament regarding the worsening of situation on LoC or working boarder . The adoption of hard line approach by India on LoC has made Pakistan quite nervous and is forcing them to think twice for a single step by their military, according to many media sources Pakistan has been “shaken” by India’s tough response.

The approach is so hard that almost after a decade Indian Armed forces is using howitzers like Bofors and other heavy weaponry on boarder which in result big causalities in PoK both military and civilian. The question arises that “is it working or not” , the answer lies in question itself, hard line approach by India also result in hard steps by Pakistan and Pakistan looks in no mood to improve relations with India.

Undoubtedly Indian Forces are better and superiorly equipped than Pakistani counterpart and we can engage them as long we want, but it’s not giving us result in changing the stand of Pakistan regarding illegal infiltration and ceasefire violation. Escalation for escalation can lead to the further escalation, ultimately leading to a war like situation or a stalemate one …but unlikely China kind of stalemate.

The question is not about talent and bravery of our solders but this is a question about the “statesmanship” i.e political leadership role in this kind of conflicts. In a recent interview by the Former foreign secretary Mr. SHYAM SARAN on rising tension at pak boarder, in which he said that “that is no evidence that exchange of heavy fire along the LoC is leading to any change in Pakistani calculus” secretary also said that we should avoid any kind of “open ended escalation” . The both

sides are paying price though Pakistan pay heavy. It’s look like that Pakistan is far away from raising a “white flag” but our ability to tolerate pain is more than the Pakistani side.

Our armed forces has made enough sacrifices and delivered more than enough to our nation, it time for the political leadership to act and come on table and work strongly and hardly regarding this situation and it will be better if we can give thrust to Army modernisation and improving the personal gear of solders so we can protect them and they can work confidently without the fear for losing their life. Political leaders have to come forward “not to talk but to act”.

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