Biased UN Report might have come as a shocker to many in India which for the first time in 70 years seems to have sided with Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir and their propaganda and blamed everything on India and its security forces. The report might be first coming from an International body but may not be the last, since last few years great International efforts have been made by some Muslim organization backed by certain officials in Arab governments to bring Kashmir and Palestine issues on par to grab world attention.

While World media is quite sympathetic towards Palestine issues largely remains anti-Israeli when it comes to reporting and propaganda, the same level of support seems to be clearly missing in dominant western media even though one-off articles and reports do come on against India on Kashmir but support for Pakistan is nil due to its deep-rooted association with terrorism in the region due to which India has managed to keep Kashmir off International attention.

But things are changing rapidly and Arab media now have taken up for them self to highlight Kashmir issue at the International stage with the most biased anti-India reports coupled up with distorted facts and peculiar silence on the support of terror from across the border. Section of Indian media fraternity are helping their cause and have also managed to link Kashmir violence with rising of Hindu Nationalism in India and how Minorities especially Muslims are unsafe in India.

The killing of dreaded terrorist Burhan Muzaffar Wani, who was former commander of Hizbul Mujahideen and pro majoritarianism policies of Bharatiya Janata Party after it came to power in 2014 can be attributed as a trigger point of Arab media to build a narrative against India on Kashmir so it get the same level of attention like they are able to gather for the Palestine issues whether diplomatically or in International media .

Touch Baier of Arab media propaganda on Kashmir and against India has to be state-funded Qatar based Al Jazeera Media company which uses all available platforms at its disposal to sell the narrative of its rulers on world issues including Kashmir. Al Jazeera’s repeated meddling and biased reports on Arab countries have lead to Several Arab countries blocking Al-Jazeera websites and taking down its English and Arabic 24/7 News Channels.

Al Jazeera has not limited its self to meddling and biased reporting only towards Arab countries, even India has been at receiving end first on Kashmir issue and now with anti-government basing while trying to cash on narrative being paddled by opposition supported Indiana media channels about growing intolerance towards India’s minorities especially Muslims in India.

But if you dig deeper and you will find that reports against India were coming at a steady rate even when so-called seculars wherein power in India and reporting over Kashmir largely remained biased towards India and terror incidents in India were severally downgraded to suit their agenda.

Al Jazeera in 2015 was told to go off air in India for 5 days after it kept showing wrong Indian Map even after repeated warnings over past few years. Almost all times Kashmir region was not shown in India and even some time India’s islands like Andaman and Nicobar Islands and Lakshadweep.

According to other reports, Al Jazeera reporters visit Kashmir region on normal Tourist Visa and do reports without permission of local authorities. According to Indian laws, all International Journalist can only come to India for coverage only on journalist visas but the wait can be long for the visa to be approved so new team and new people send in batches to dodge Indian Authorities.

Off late many in India are seeing many articles and reports on current government and Modi on their timelines from a news channel based in Istanbul, called TRT World. A peek into the comment section and it is evident that many of the commentators are from India or region which have plenty of further propaganda, coverage is not limited to just the current government, the large focus is also on Kashmir which largely is bias and not so pro India in nature.

A quick look into Video uploaded by Al Jazeera and TRT World on popular protoforms like Youtube where on reports or debates, anti-India bias in very difficult to be hidden by the anchors also with commentators who come on the show often regularly. On and off use of Indian voices in their shows also brings credentials to their arguments on Kashmir which could be condemned in India otherwise.



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