The Força Aérea Nacional de Angola (FANA – National Air Force of Angola) which took deliveries of 10 Su-30KN earlier this year and Two in the previous year is keen on the purchasing of Six more Su-30K which were formerly operated by the Indian Air Force.

IAF had procured 18 Su-30K (Su-27UB trainers) from Russia as an interim measure to train its crew to fly much more advanced Su-30MKIs. Due to economical reasons, all 18 older Su-30Ks were returned back and not upgraded to MKI Standards which were later replaced by Su-30MKI by Russia in 2006.

18 Su-30Ks were Stored at 558 Aviation Repair Plant in Belarus’ Baranovichi for 8 years before Angola agreed to purchase them with minor upgrades. The first ex-Indian Air Force Su-30K destined for Angola made its first flight after an overhaul in early February 2017 and first two were delivered in 2017 and the rest in early 2018.

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