Last month, L&T Defence at an event to mark the production of 1,000th Integrated Propulsion Airframe System hardware for Akash missile at L&T Defence’ facility at PMSC Coimbatore also showed first glimpses of Next Generation Akash which will likely enter developmental trials from 2019 onwards but with the radical new design than its predecessor Akash-1 and Akash-1S.

Posters of Akash-NG (Next Generation ) shows that Akash-NG comes minus four long tube ramjet inlet ducts which are usually mounted in the mid-body between wings in Akash-1 and Akash-1S as seen in the above picture suggesting Air-breathing Second stage Ramjet rocket propulsion system might have been dropped for Akash-NG.

Akash-1 Surface to Air System was developed under India’s integrated guided-missile development programme (IGMDP) in early 80’s and was heavily inspired from Soviet-era 2K12 “Kub” NATO reporting name: SA-6 “Gainful” Surface to Air missile system which also was a Two-Stage propulsion system which included solid fuel rocket motor for booster phase and when burned out used a ram-rocket propulsion for the sustainer phase in the second stage just like India’s Akash-1 but Akash had completely different and new modern internal layout and was far more advanced then SA-6 System .

Akash-NG will feature next generation dual pulse solid propulsion and indigenous Active radar seeker, laser proximity fuse and will have enhanced range of 35-50 km and will come in canisters mounted on a road-mobile platform providing the advantage of higher reliability, longer shelf life, less maintenance and enhanced mobility.

Akash-NG Canister

Akash-NG will bridge the gap between 25km Akash-1 / Akash-1S and 70 km MR-SAM and will be slotted in between this two Air Defence system to provide two-layer air defense protection to various high valued military and civilian installations against aerial targets like fighter jets, cruise missiles, and air-to-surface missiles” as well as ballistic missiles.

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