Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL) officials speaking to media have confirmed that Akash NG ( Next-generation ) Surface-to-Air Aerial Defence system will be ready for developmental trials from 2019 onwards. Akash NG will have a range up to 40km and be equipped with an indigenous radar and seeker. in an earlier report (Development of Akash NG ( Next-generation ) officially cleared.)had confirmed that official clearance for development of Akash NG was cleared by Government earlier this year and DRDO is also developing Akash 1S which is further development of Akash Mark-I missile system.

Akash 1S (S= Seeker) will incorporate sophisticated on board seeker replacing its current radio frequency proximity fuse used to destroy its pointed target. Akash 1S will have the same range of 20-25km as Akash Mark-I and will share the same seeker with Akash NG.

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