After DRDO was granted Initial developmental funds to develop next generation surface-to-air missile, DRDO has finally disclosed some information of its upcoming Air Defence systems which will be ready in next two to three years. was informed that Akash New Generation (Akash-NG) has been conceptualised with solid propulsion, wing-body-tail configuration, electro-mechanical control system, active RF seeker and laser proximity fuze.

Akash-NG system will be capable of search, track and fire while engaging 10 targets at ranges up to 50 km with configuration of CCU, multifunction radar (MFR) and launcher for air defence of VA/VPs.

DRDO has also undertaken the development of Akash Mk-1S as a Technological Demonstrator to prove the upgradability of Akash Mk-1 missile with RF seeker through necessary modification/retro fitment on the existing missiles.

Akash Mk-1S is will have same range of 25km Akash which has been developed and inducted into Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army (IA).

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