After successful completion of the developmental trials of the Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) Air defense system, DRDO has turned its focus now on India’s much anticipated Next Generation variant of Indigenously developed Akash Surface to Air Missile System that is currently going through the Prototype and integration building phase and the first Developmental test firing of the missile system has now been planned in the first half of 2021 as informed by Industrial sources close to

Akash-NG is truly a Next-Generation Surface to Air Missile system and it derives nor borrows any systems or components from the Current Akash Missile system. Akash-NG ditches the ramjet propulsion system of the current generation Akash for a Dual-Pulse motor that makes each missile lighter by over 50% thus increasing mobility of the Surface to Air Missile system to the next level.

Akash-NG comes equipped with AESA based Seeker and Truck-Based 3D AESA Radar for tracking and guidance for the missile system. For improved mobility, Akash-NG will have a canister based launch system on a road-mobile launcher. Akash-NG will also have an improved range of over 50kms, which DRDO scientists want to increase further in later models so that will act as a supplement to the more expensive MR-SAM system that was jointly developed by India and Israel with a range of 70-90km.

After the Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile (QRSAM) Missile system, Akash-NG will be the third fully indigenously developed Surface to Air Missile system that will go into developmental trials soon. DRDO is working on Two more Indigenous Surface to Air Missile system called VL-SRSAM based on the ground-launched Astra BVRAAMs for Indian Navy’s Frontline Warships and XR-SAM Missile system for Indian Air Force (IAF) with a range of over 350km.

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