Indian Air force will be Acquire 60 medium-lift military transport aircraft manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space defence company to replace the ageing fleet of Hawker Siddeley HS-748 AVRO twin Turbo transport aircraft, which begin induction in India from the 1960s.

As per the contract, which is valued at more than 2 Billion dollars, will see the first instance where the military transfer and manufacturing will take place in India, involving the original equipment manufacturer from abroad.

Airbus Defence and Space in a joint venture partnership with an Indian company Tata advanced system Limited a subsidy of Tata sons, will be manufacturing aircraft in a factory located in outskirts of Hyderabad this is also the first major project where State-owned Indian Aerospace Hindustan Aeronautics Limited had been barred from participating in the tender process.

As per the Contract, 16 aircraft will be manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space at its factory in Spain and rest will be manufactured in India. But the largest potential for demand within the country might come from Indian Air Force which operates over hundred AN-32 twin Turbo tactical transport Aircraft which are scheduled to be retired in in next 15 years.

A proposed project to develop its replacement with Russia with a payload capability of 20 tonnes could not take off and now as per media reports, it has been officially terminated. The collapse of MTA Joint venture deal was largely based due to lack of modern engine with FADEC which Russian partner was not willing to provide has it could have taken many years to develop and could have also seen associated cost escalation in the project,

C-295 as a payload capacity of just over 9 tonnes which is far less than what proposed MTA project which had a payload capacity of 20 tonne but C-295 can still replace An-32 aircraft which has a payload capacity of 7 tonne, which single handily has the potential of enhancing order for more 100 aircraft at least.

C-295 is also likely to be ordered by Indian Paramilitary forces like Border Security Force (BSF) and Indo-Tibetan Border Police. Maritime and Anti-Submarine warfare variants will also find interest in Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard.

Indian Army could also be interested in AC-295 Gunship version developed by Airbus Defence and Space which includes integrated mission and fire control systems, electro-optical and radar sensors, Hellfire missiles, ATK’s side-mounted M230 30mm chain gun, an integrated defensive suite and 2.75 inch guided rockets.

Growth Potential for Airbus C-295 in India is tremendous in lines of HAL manufactured Dornier aircraft which have been used has multi-mission aircraft in India by all Defence forces of India.

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