While Agni-V is yet to become fully operational with Indian Strategic Forces Command (SFC) which manages countries tactical and strategic nuclear weapons stockpile but many countries in India’s immediate neighbourhood are already rattled at growing range of India’s missiles which allows India to project its power beyond its regional rivals.

With murmurs of nervousness and uneasiness found among countries who India classifies has Allies/ friendly due to India’s growing missile range, Government of India for a while has been hesitant to openly talk about Countries next Big missile and kept long-range missile away from its annual republic day parade to create positive perception of the country as responsible Nuclear power to gain entry into elite Nuclear Suppliers Group.

Agni-VI might be last Big Land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) coming out of India, since India in future increasingly will be shifting focus on developing longer ranged submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) rather than Land-based ICBMs and it is crucial for India to get everything right with Agni-VI so that India can show to the world it has credible Nuclear deterrence mechanism in place to safeguard its interest .

Agni-VI will be 3 stage intercontinental ballistic missile with reported range of 6000km (8000 to 10000km). Agni-VI will be heavier then Agni-V and will be able to carry 3 tonnes of Payload which is double of existing payload limit of 1.5 tonne in Agni-V.

Agni-VI will be India’s first missile which will be able to carry multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle (MIRV) warheads so that it can overpower any missile defence system, while a single missile will have the ability to deliver multiple warheads at different targets.

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