After two successful tests in 2018 and Six in last Six Years, Agni-V just needs one more pre-induction test before it’s cleared to go in the mass production said DRDO officials after India successful conducted test of its longest ranged Agni-V missile in its final production configuration which for the first time was fired for its full range of 5000km and landed close to Australian waters .

In today’s test, Agni-V sported a new paint scheme which was similar to military camouflage usually used by Strategic Forces Command (SFC) on a deployed missile system. DRDO is likely to carry out last pre-induction trial later in this year of the Agni-V missile system before its handovers it to SFC.

Today’s launch was to reinforce the reliability and efficiency of the Agni-V missile system but also to validate that the pre-production models to meet stringent user requirements. DRDO now plans to accelerate production process soon which can crank up the production units required by the SFC.

DRDO also confirmed that Agni-V is not compatible with MIRV and MARVs warheads but talks about working on next missile which will be capable of carrying Multiple maneuverable Independent re-entry warheads and will come with an impressive range of 6000 km. DRDO till now has not confirmed the development of Agni-VI but it has been rumored that many breakthrough achievements have been achieved already and the new missile is likely to be tested in next few years.


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