Indian Airforce and HAL are making all-out effort to sustain India’s Jaguar fighter fleet till 2034 and as per plans are sourcing now retired Jaguar Airframes to be used as spares. After India secured 31 Ex French Jaguar aircraft from France for free, Oman to now has transferred Two retired Jaguar aircraft along with eight engines in addition to unused spares to India for free.

India also has brought Two retired Jaguar Trainer aircraft from the United Kingdom for 2.8Cr along with some spares recently to keep its Trainer fleet operational till 2034.

IAF is the lone operator of the Jaguar fighter aircraft which has now been retired by all other operators. Nearly Decade ago there were retired from France and UK and a few years ago it was also retired from Oman. Less than 550 units of Jaguar aircraft were ever produced and India inducted over 160 units of Jaguar aircraft and similar aircraft ratio was also inducted in French and Royal Airforce.

Oman, Nigeria, and Ecuador all operated a relatively small fleet of less than 12 aircraft in the past which is making sourcing of spares much harder now for India even though the last batch of Jaguar fighters were produced by HAL only in late 90’s and still have considerable airframe lifespan left.

IAF will upgrade younger airframes with DARIN III configuration upgrades under which it will get Israeli LM-2052 – Active Electronic Scan Array Airborne Fire Control Radar along with a host of upgrades to its avionics and cockpit. IAF is also planning to upgrade its engines with Honeywell’s F125IN to improve performance and also improve the condition of spares.


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