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The pain of losing a loved one is inexplicable, and it leaves a void that cannot be filled. Earlier this week, people on Facebook were left teary-eyed by a moving post written by the wife of a martyred soldier. In a moving Facebook post, Sangeeta Akshay Girish explained why she and her daughter “smile through tears”, and their life after her husband sacrificed his life for his country.

The post went viral with nearly 1,000 shares already, and counting.

But when a soldier gives up his life to protect his motherland, he leaves behind a mother to deal with an incorrigible loss. Now, after Major Girish’s wife’s post, a heartfelt post by his mother is going viral. Shared on the same Facebook page Being You, she reminiscences fond memories — from gifts purchased with his first salary to living with his cherished possessions, her words are a haunting reminder of how painful such as loss can be.


With close to 1,200 shares at the time of writing, the post also added details about how difficult it for his four-year-old daughter Naina, to comprehend her father becoming a “star”.

I talk to you every night. I am wearing the white and blue salwar-kurta you got me from your first salary. I wore it while bidding you goodbye from our world. Your dad is wearing a stripped shirt from your collection. All who love you have kept your stuff. It is what we have to hold on to today. It is our most cherished possession.

Your tiny daughter says you’re the brightest star in the sky. When it shines real bright, she says “look, Papa is smiling at us.” One day, when my time is up, we will cross paths again. We relive everything. You running around as a child to being a giggling- gushing machine of questions to holding your own in fights to why you had to leave us so early… That you went protecting our countrymen keeps us going.

Everyone says time heals but it doesn’t. We just get used to the pain.

Love, Ma and Papa

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