Brochure of the upcoming AEW&C Netra MkII showcasing a bulged radome probably to house a Maritime surveillance Radar shows off its swing-role capabilities for the first time that was not seen in the scale model of the AEW&C Netra MkII that was displayed at the recently concluded Aero India 2021.

AEW&C Netra MkII will be getting a new Powerful Extended Range Aesa radar to expand the detection distance over 450km and with the ability to detect low observable platforms. Detection and tracking range has been significantly increased over the Netra MkI platform with hardened anti-jamming capabilities as informed to

Addition of the Maritime surveillance Radar will allow it to Detects sea targets like small boats at long distances. Extended Range Aesa radar suite in a combination with a maritime surveillance radar will demonstrate its true swing-role capabilities for accurate coverage of vast distances of air, sea, with the ability to switch between surveillance areas in an instant.

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