India’s indigenous Airborne Early warning and Control (AEW&C ) surveillance system also now known as AEW&C India is progressing through its final phase of flight testing at Centre for Airborne Systems (CABS) and the first aircraft likely will be handed over to Indian Air Force sometime in the year 2016.

AEW&C India aircraft is capable of detecting ,identifying and classifying threats present in the surveillance are and also act as a Command $ Control Centre to support air operations . The Surveillance aircraft with its multiple communication and Data Links can alert and direct fighters, while providing recognised Air Situation Picture (RASP) to commanders through Ground Exploitation Stations (GES) on ground .

AEW&C India can support offensive strike missions as well as assist forces in the tactical battle area . Aircraft can also intercept,identify and classify non-friendly radar transmission and communications signals respectively and help counter operations .

Primary Surveillance Radar

The primary sensor of AEW&C India is an Active Electronically Steered Array Radar with long range,multi-target, multi-mode capability. Two radiating planar arrays assembled back-to-back in an Active Antenna Array Unit (AAAU) is mounted on top of the fuselage to provide coverage on either side of the aircraft .

the sensor has the ability to do a search,track-while-scan, priority tracking,high-performance tracking etc. In priority tracking targets can be placed in full track mode ensuring faster update against manoeuvring targets .

Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)

The Secondary sensor of AEW&C India or Friend or Foe (IFF) has been developed with MK XII (S) capability . The passive electronically scanned antenna are co-located with the primary radar array to provide vital information for the identification functionality in mission data processor .

Integrated RWR,ESM and SPS Systems

ESM (Electronic Support Measures) supports detection and classification of hostile air defences by providing the bearing and the range of such hostile emitters and it operates over a wide range of frequencies with azimuth coverage of 360° in elevation .

Self Protection Suite (SPS) comprises Radar Warning Receiver (RWR), Missile Approach Warning systems (MAWS) and Counter Measures Dispensing System (CMDS).

Communication Support Measures (CSM)

CSM systems intercept communication signals over a wide range of frequencies and performs required analysis for in-flight operations . A multichannel audio recording of communications is provided onboard for post-flight analysis.

Mission System Controller (MSC)

MSC is a central node of the AEW&C India which performs CISR operations and provides commander and operator with a full air situation picture and helps to manage the operations by carrying out multi-sensor data fusion .

Data Handling and Display system (DHDS)

DHDS comprises of five reconfigurable operator workstations (OWS) capable of operating in any of the designated modes.

Data Link

Data from Radar,IF,ESM and CSM are downlinked to the ground stations and tactical control data uplinked to the AEW&C system. Communication between aircraft and Ground Exploitation Station (GES) is through C-Band LOS Link and K Band SATCOM Link . Data Link can also operate with two voice channels .

Ground Exploitation Station (GES)

GES is a mobile shelter that can be deployed in tactical field areas and acts as an interface between AEW&C and IACCS . GES receives air situation picture from AEW&C system and communicate commands of the IACCS to the AEW&C system.

According to the highly reliable source close to AEW&C based on EMB-145 has cleared in-flight refuelling tests and also has cleared Hot & High flight testing conducted at Leh and the first aircraft will be handed over to IAF by mid of this year .

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