GTRE officials with whom spoke to in Aero India 2017 on mating Kaveri K9 engine jointly developed by GTRE and French’s SAFRAN with LCA-Tejas PV-1 were hesitant to confirm if single engined LCA-Tejas will be used has Testbed to test soon to be developed Kaveri K9 engine.

As per Industrial standards, a new engine is usually tested on twin-engined aircraft to gauge their in-flight performance of the new engine while the same aircraft is also powered by its existing engines to reduce engine stalling risks while in flight certification is carried out, pointed GTRE officials to

GTRE, before Kaveri engine program was abandoned a few years ago, had proposed government of India to procure a second-hand Mig-29 to be used has a test bed to carry out flight certification of Kaveri K8 engine. SAFRAN which will be in charge of planning and executing revival plans of Kaveri engine most likely will a take call on how to execute flight certification felt GTRE officials.

SAFRAN in previously held negotiation between GTRE and SAFRAN on a Joint development of new engine of matting M-88 core with Kaveri a few years back had proposed borrowing Dassault-owned Rafale fighter jet to be used has a test bed for the new engine in France.

Development and Discussion activities on Kaveri K9 will take place from March onwards and clear cut road map will come out henceforth felt GTRE officials. like to point out that Kaveri engine program and LCA-Tejas program have been delinked and there are no plans to replace current General Electric provided F404 engines with indigenous ones so soon.

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