Indian Air Force after taking delivery of first Indigenously developed Netra AEW&C surveillance plane at Aero India 2017 has told DRDO that it will like to induct third Netra AEW&C surveillance plane too in its fleet showing confidence in the indigenously developed surveillance plane.

DRDO has confirmed that it will be handing over Second Netra AEW&C surveillance plane to IAF by June, which will be identical in terms of system configuration to the one handed over already. DRDO initially had planned to keep Third Netra AEW&C within the organisation to use it as a Developmental Platform to be used has Technological Demonstrator for Bigger AirBus A330 mounted AWACS India Programme.

DRDO now has agreed to hand over Netra AEW&C surveillance plane to IAF with enhanced capabilities. DRDO has not put a delivery timeline for the third Netra AEW&C but it might happen in 2018 said sources close to

DRDO is excited with this development and is likely to restart negotiations with Indian Air Force for possible orders for three more Netra AEW&C mounted on Brazilian Embraer plane. IAF earlier had declined to place further orders for Netra AEW&C due to Aircraft limitation but Sources believe that due to delays in AWACS India Programme, IAF might reconsider its initial stand on Netra AEW&C Program.

India’s Aerial surveillance capabilities are all set to get a major boost after recently India decided to order two more Isreali AWACS System mounted on Russian IL-76 aircraft when PM Modi visits Israel in June this year. Indian Air Force already operates Three Isreali AWACS System mounted on Russian IL-76 aircraft but new Awacs to be ordered by India will come with enhanced surveillance capabilities due to technological advancement on the same radar carried out by Israel.

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