HAL’s ambitions of entering the aircraft engine space are now one step closer to the reality since HAL has confirmed to at Aero India 2017 that HTFE-25 has achieved full thrust in trials and will be ready for first flight by next year.

HAL had unveiled the HTFE-25 (Hindustan Turbofan Engine 25) engine at Aero India 2015 has managed to keep the program on schedule to meet its internal deadline of 2018.

HTFE-25 designed and pitched to power trainer aircraft and business jets in the twin engine configuration will be operational by end of 2018 and HAL plans to use HAL owned Hawk I updated aircraft trainer which has recently rolled out just before Aero India 2017 has a testbed for the new engine.

HTFE-25 is a low bypass twin spool mixed flow turbofan engine with wide chord fan blades, sports a high-efficiency compressor and advanced combustor in 25 kN thrust class which is 1,730mm long, 590mm in diameter and weighs 350 kg.

HTFE-25 will see service in long-delayed HJT-36 Sitara subsonic intermediate jet trainer aircraft which are currently powered by Russian-supplied Saturn AL-55I turbofan engines developing 17.27 kN Thrust.

HTFE-25 is being developed as a fully in-house effort funded by HAL and now with success of HTFE-25, HAL is now proposing to develop new HTFE-35-40 engine using a modified core to develop 35-40 kN Thrust which can replace Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour engines in Indian Air force’s Jaguar aircraft.

IAF had selected Honeywell’s F125IN Turbofans engines which develop 36.0 kN of thrust under Jaguar Re-engine Plan but Government is yet to place orders for supply of 270 engines even though India’s Jaguars have become overweight and underpowered because of avionics and systems upgrades.

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