In my Previous article, (Click Here ) my report had assumed that Makers of Gripen fighter jets mostly likely will tie up with Adani Aero Defence Systems & Technologies Ltd to build Gripen-E fighter jets soon after Lockheed and Tata Advanced Systems Ltd entered into an agreement to develop and become part of global supply chain for F-16s in production, modernization, and maintenance of this jets in India.

Under India’s ‘Strategic Partnership’ (SP) policy each Private sector player will be selected in four segments. fighter aircraft, helicopters, submarines and armored fighting vehicles/main battle tanks who will bag exclusive right to develop in partnership with a foreign vendor on strategic defense programs in India.

India’s Single engine fighter requirement for 90-120 fighter jet is seen as the competition which will kick start fighter aircraft segment which will not only absorb current transfer of technology of the fighters selected but also create a necessary aerospace ecosystem in the private supply chain which could feed one big company in the aerospace sector in India.

According to Industrial experts idea behind Strategic Partnership’ (SP) policy is to create Private Defence sector giants which over the period of time can work on independent projects along with Public sector companies in establishing India’s self-sufficiency in the Defence manufacturing and production.

Tata Advanced Systems Ltd and Adani Aero Defence Systems & Technologies Ltd are two potential corporate houses who if selected can become what Lockheed-Martin is to the United States, which is an Aerospace giant which is not state owned and also create in India many smaller aerospace companies which will work in tandem with each other to be part of future projects initiated by the Indian Government worth Billions of Dollars .

India does plans to add more segments in Strategic Partnership (SP) policy which will open up further Aerospace segments like Transport aircraft, Helicopters, and Aerial Surveillance platforms which might see the emergence of other companies in the segments but the first mover in the Aerospace segment will always have a preferential lead over other rivals.

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