In 2015, the Indian Navy (IN) Projected requirement for Naval variant of AMCA and in series of meetings and discussions were held between ADA officials at Naval Head Quarters adaption and development of IAF’s 5th Generation AMCA program to be adapted for the Navy. ADA was tasked to prepare a feasibility report and soon a report was presented to the Naval Head Quarters. can confirm that Naval Head Quarters has accepted the feasibility report on AMCA – Navy, and ADA, in turn, will start work on AMCA – Navy and baseline configuration for a carrier deck based fighter jet soon after it which it will approach Navy to issue Draft Preliminary Services Qualitative Requirements (PSQRs) so that PSQRs can be finalized.

PSQRs will have detail design and configuration along with the development approach of the AMCA – Navy which both Navy and ADA will agree to before Phase-I. Navy wants AMCA-Navy to be a parallel program and wants to start the development of prototypes as soon the final design has been frozen. The team which has worked on N-LCA Mk1 and Mk2 will again be in charge of the AMCA – Navy program and technologically aircraft will piggyback on the IAF’s AMCA fighter jet but will have necessary design changes to meet its full combat requirement.

Navy already has approached ADA to carry out a feasibility report on the development of Carrier-based GHATAK Unmanned Stealth Combat Aerial Vehicle which can work in tandem with the AMCA – Navy fighter jet for strike missions over contested air space. ADA will start on manufacturing the first two N-LCA Mk2 prototypes as soon as N-LCA Mk1 completes aircraft carrier trials in the next few months.

Navy which already has realized funds for development of the N-LCA Mk2 program is still not commital on the program with orders yet but N-LCA Mk2 since Indian Navy already has brought out a performance comparison of LCA(Navy) Mk2 with MiG-29K and if N-LCA Mk2 program is able to deliver on performance set and promised by ADA, then Navy is willing to procure N-LCA Mk2 .


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