Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) Engineers have started testing one of the Twin-Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) concepts for the Indian Navy (IN) next-generation deck-based fighter jet requirement to replace the Russian origin Mig-29k fleet starting from 2032 onwards.

A scale model was displayed at Aero India 2021 of one of the concepts and the same concept can be seen at the wind tunnel. ADA had said that they are working on two concepts that are being studied, but it seems the Navy has selected one of the concept shown above. Usually, conceptual shapes for the aircraft are virtually designed and tested with help of high-performance computers that are used to calculate the aerodynamic performance of different aircraft features.

Once the computer aerodynamic performance data is collected, a scale model of the concept jet for the wind tunnel studies is created, so that the design can be further refined and that will eventually shape the final design of the aircraft. wind tunnel testing also marks the progress of the concept from computer based design, towards further refinement in wind tunnel and later to the final design freeze.

TEDBF designers are borrowing a lot of the stealth technologies that are meant for the Country’s AMCA 5.5 gen stealth program but it will forego one key aspect of a 5th generation fighters, that are internal weapons bay for the time being and due to which TEDBF could be classified as India’s first “5th generation minus” fighter jet. The 5th generation minus term will be associated with a new generation of fighter jets that are beyond 4.5++ generation jets but forego one or two key features of the 5th gen fighter so that they are economically and operationally viable when compared to the 5th gen fighter. US Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. CQ Brown was the first to pitch the new term in the classification of fighter jet and advocated development of a new jet that will sit below F-35 and above legacy jets like F-15 and F-16 in the future USAF fleet.

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