Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) has issued Request for Expression of Interest to seek vendors who could manufacture Two Next Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD) based on Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft (AMCA) who once selected will also be in charge of manufacturing prototypes.

ADA which is the design agency will be supplying detail drawings to the selected vendor who will be in charge of setting up required infrastructure and other test facilities which can even execute final assembly of the jet.

Documents which has gone through also comes with overall dimensions of the aircraft given below.

ADA describes NGTD as aircraft which comes with twin fin, a twin-engine configuration with horizontal tail and serpentine air intake. NGTD will use Carbon Fibre Composite Material to make up its entire external surface area. NGTD aircraft structure will be divided into various modules as shown in the first figure.

Selected vendors will be required to start final assembly and equipment integration of NGTD-1 within 3½ of executing a contract with ADA and NGTD-2 within the end of 4th year. As per Major Timeline and Activities planned out for NGTD-1 and NGTD-2 flight testing and completion of initial developmental trials need to be completed by end of 6th year.

Interested vendors are asked to submit their proposal to manufacture Next Generation Technology Demonstrator (NGTD) by 15th March 2018.

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