According to industry sources close to, AERDC (Aero Engine Research and Design Centre ) a division of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited carried out test runs on its HTFE-25 (Core-2) engine on 10th January earlier this year.

The core-2 engine has an improved HP compressor and a twin spool configuration which can be adapted to power HAL’s HTT-40 Turboprop Basic Trainer Aircraft power requirements.

HTT-40 which made is first flight in 2016 is powered by Honeywell supplied Garrett TPE331-12B turboprop engines which are manufactured in India. HAL will be supplying 106 HTT basic trainers to the Indian forces over the next decade and with additional inquiries coming in from friendly countries for the weaponized variant which HAL is keen on to develop next. HAL decided to initiate core-2 engine program to develop an indigenous powerpack of the HTT-40 Turboprop Basic Trainer Aircraft.

HTT-40 will replace HPT-32 Deepak trainers which had to be grounded after facing several crashes due to persistent fuel supply problem leading to 108 engine cuts and mishaps, claiming lives of 23 pilots.

HTT-40 has been designed for basic flight training, aerobatics, instrument flying and close-formation flights, whereas its secondary roles will include navigation and night-flying. HTT-40 can be configured to carry a gun, rockets, and bombs to perform light combat and counter-insurgency missions.

Cutaway view of a TPE-331

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