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According to the sources close to, ADA and HAL will start working on the first airframe of Tejas MK-2 by end of this year and first flight of Tejas MK-2 is expected by early 2015 and enters service with IAF by 2018.

Tejas MK-2 will be based on Tejas MK-1, But MK-2 will be larger, able to carry more fuel and weapons payload carry more powerful GE-F414-INS6 engines and technologically will be more advanced.

Tejas MK-2 was born when Indian navy wanted a carrier fighter aircraft based on Tejas MK-1 air force variant, Navy wanted more powerful engines to care out carrier take off, Navy also wanted changes in Airframe for carrier role, and IAF sensing an opportunity that a new and better variant of Tejas can be developed based on Indian navy requirements, was quick to grab this opportunity and pressed for development of new variant, even when Tejas MK-1 was able to fulfil ASR of IAF.

Tejas MK-2 will have improved avionics, Upgrade of Flight Control Computers, in flight refuelling retractable probe, On board oxygen generation system and a new Electronic Warfare Suite , to avoid delays to the program , Earlier Tejas Prototype ( PV-1) has been assigned with the MK-2 program and will act has the test bed for MK-2 program.

MK-2 will also get new improved pilot friendly all glass cockpits which will have larger and better screens to reduce pilot fatigue; India has already placed orders with General Electric (GE) for 99 F414-GE-INS6 engines which will produce more thrust than previous F404 engines which power Tejas MK-1. F414-GE-INS6 engines feature a Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC) system.

Development of AESA radar has already begun but will be integrated with Tejas MK-2 when it is fully certified; leading to speculate that first Block of MK-2 will come with current MMR radar which is already integrated in Tejas MK-1.


  • http://google Anuj

    ADA & HAL people are always giving future dates! Also, why no stealth & confirmed AESA (i/o saying – when it is certified)?

  • Ab

    I appeal to all the employees of HAL & ADA to show some sense of patriotism and quickly complete Tejas Mk-2 with Final Operation Clearance (FOC) in the end of 2014. I hope the Chinese do not capture the whole of Kashmir before the first three squadrons are sanctioned in the Indian Air Force

  • Jack

    Huh haven’t started work on MK2…good. It seems finally MK1 will be inducted in 2018…and the way things are moving MK2 will not be inducted until 2025.

  • http://UK BABUJI

    Here we go once again with another big super hype of a super combat aircraft with a fixed time delivery date. Has anything been delivered on time…..ever…….in India. ????????

  • Sameer

    Fucking news indeed it makes me antsy to hear this din sound of DRDO that it will be this it will be that….make things now dont tell about speculations ….

  • http://UK BABUJI

    They have already abandoned a half baked cake in the oven and are now declaring another Birthday Cake. Somebody somewhere is making a lot of money delivering nothing in return except hollow promises and dreams.



  • Pradeep

    People who don’t know how to build a ‘Bullock cart’ are now trying to build an ‘Ambassador’. A great technological improvement !!! He… he… he…

  • jack

    @BABUJI…The only thing that comes in time and even sometime befode scheduled time is Elections….

  • Alfred

    What is wrong with the people here posting negative comments? If it was a Tejas bashing article they would have appreciated that non-sense full of lies from unknown sources.
    People you need to understand this is our aircraft, there is no substitute to indigenous weapons, we must develop it, test it, and continuously improve it. Don’t expect Indian defense industries to comeout with a Rafale suddenly, we’re still learning so we have to be patient.
    This article mentions that Tejas Mk1 fulfill the requirements of IAF, and its ready. We need to appreciate. And believe in the Mk2 program.

  • http://Google Partha singh

    I think it is not a “Chai Ki Dukan” where people make filthy criticism. Using vulgar wards in such a forum does not make you smarter but only shows your taste. I am too not at all happy with the progress of Tejas program but feel that once the first glitch is broken it will be a rather smooth process there after for our scientist. Common folks, apni nehi to kam se kam padne walo ki to khayal karo !

  • Vic

    @Alfred . Everyone over here appreciates the tejas and drdo efforts. It is just that they are setting high standards for drdo and themselves for the better of the country. This is what i like most about my country thesedays. People are demanding, and will settle for nothing but the best.

  • Prodyut

    “All glass cockpit to reduce Pilot Fatigue”. Good . Now please do something to reduce Observer’s fatigue!

    I don’t think I am being too cynical when I suspect that ADA has finally realized that the LCA mk1 is a lemon and they have to do a massive redesigning to get a serviceable-leave alone world class- fighter.The Mk2 and 3are teh steps in that direction.

    About the proposed dates I repeat the old Punch Joke with mods ” ADA stands firm on LCA dates”. Squish!

  • http://google sandy

    India only boast off as long as HAL long inventory will be there RTA will never fly choose a private player like reliance and TATA, Mahindra and Mahindra. Basic infrastructure is lacking. These people and netas do not have will they are only dying for the their commission from the Boeing or airbus. I can bet you just open the market for the private player and allow them to set up the industry you will see that Boeing like aircraft will be flying in India in 3 to 4 years. You donot allow the private player to make such investment. One most important thing TATA will never pay bribe to the ministry, this was disclosed by Mr Ratan TATA in news paper also. I want to say one more thing HAL has never tried to upgrade its gadgets and overloaded with project. One example I want to give of Telephone sector these BABUS were paid for the rectification of phone line when the private player came they have almost decimated MTNL & BSNL.see their condition and see private player condition also. Nobody ask for the MTNL & BSNL except govt department. In banking sector also If you deposit payment in Govt bank and ask for Demand Draft they will tell you to come after 4.00 P.M,And if you deposit money in private bank and ask for the D.D banking officer will say sir wait for 5 minute you will get the D.D.This the difference between Private and Govt sector units.Govt sector empolyees tries to govern the whole activity of the govt.They are not answerable this the biggest problem.Our netas gets all kind of facilities from the govt that is why they donot want the private player to come up and create problem for their monopoly.They are putting private defence sector several decade back by not allowing them to enter in such sector.These netas have created mess and we need people like subhash Chandra bose in india to show them the way.Narendra modi and our defence minister Mr Anthony or the two major netas who can change the whole scenario.If you will not listen your heart now you will be lagging behind the Europe, America and china.For god shake please do not compare india with china.China is far away from india because their political leader ship has will and our politician doesnot have that.If india comes in two way front war with china and Pakistan you will come to know that what kind of guts we have our jawan will fight the war without arms and ammunition.These bugger will be putting HAR in their neck nothing else.They know that they are lacking in fighter jets technology they don’t introduce metallurgy subject in school and college as compulsory subject.give them training and experiment laboratory so that young generation should come up with new idea in metallurgical science.There should be change in education system aeronautical science should also be introduced from eleventh standard and up to graduation level.Defence studies should be made a part of the education and student should be given chance for the experiment their views and knowledge should be utilised at the maximum level. This is how Russia, America and china are coming up in defence innovation.Student can learn the rocket science and guidance system and radar technology also student should be given more leverage at school and college level.You will find that your defence industry will come up with latest model and latest design in 3 to 4 years of time.Make defence industry into private industry one day even india will be biggest exporter of arms and ammunition.One should not forget that India was great in science and technology during ancient time and the day will come whole world will look to india not America ,Europe and China.Our govt employees who work for the defence GOVT PSU can act as teacher to our student in school and college.Thier job will be saved.

  • http://google sandy

    I don’t understand what our IIT professor are doing we boast of our knowledge, we talk lot about our IIT’s. Our IITians also give lots of reasons when we ask question about the high temperature material .I have told several times that we need to do lots of research regarding the different kind of alloys in metals .First we will have to give a chance to two to three private companies to develop the crystal blade technology govt of india must give them certain advantage in tax also in experiment lots of relaxation to develop such kind of aero engine technology. These kind of technology should be tax free, to encourage them to come forward and do the experiments also. There should be healthy competition between Govt and private vendor. Now a days we find lots of corruption in govt department and what I feel that these govt PSU are under severe pressure from arms dealer.Even if they know the technology they will not come up with technology unless and until their jobs are at stake.Take example of the Bofors Howitzer when other private firm came up with the same guns our ordinance factory made it in a few years. Same way if we take the Jet engine technology we know that we are manufacturing and over hauling MIG fighter jets engines at KORAPUT in Orissa don’t we have the technology to manufacture the engines. Problem is that our govt department and arms dealer and their well wisher does not allow them to do so. We have measure problem lying in our country’s defense procurement procedure. DRDO which boast of major technological advancement is only confine to Missile technology .If we turn the next page things are totally different billions of Rupees spent on critical technology but nothing in the hand and mind it in the end you will find really nothing from them. Problem with Govt agencies are that their programs are not time bound not with limitation unlike we find in Chinese think tank.Chinese are more concern with their advancement in technology slowly and gradually they have made their own IL 76 true copy of gajraj. Their programs are so secret that nobody from outside the world can know about their achievement unless and until they them self reveal it. We Indian have lust for the money and no feeling for the mother india.Mind it the problem is that our character is at such a low stake that we don’t spare our mother india we have know nationhood ethics in us only the poor citizen of india who knows nothing about these. If we really want to be front runner then we will have to give us a chance allow private player and remove all those senior retd people who are nothing more than White elephant to our Defense PSU.I mean from HAL ,GTRE, DRDO. These chief director should get extension only when they perform otherwise retire them in a year or two. I heard a lot about the MIDHANI and the problem is that they don’t have money to do the research and experiment if they really want to grow up further in crystal blade technology the govt must support them by making their material tax and excise free from import and also finance them so that more and more experiment can be done on crystal blade technology, and other high temperature technology .Our IITian’s can also help them by applying their thought. Such private sector companies should be encouraged in future TATA , SAIL, BIRLA, Mahindra and Mahindra can be given a chance to develop the advance jet engine technology. Similarly in Software and hardware technology also like jammer, radar and stealth technology should be encouraged by govt by giving them all kind of relaxation in taxes and import duties to do the experiment. Private sector programs should be more secrete SEZ area should be made under Govt supervision to monitor them.HAL should be privatized and private sector also should be encouraged in Aircraft manufacturing to avoid monopoly of Govt PSU. We don’t have such kind of parallel programs in our country. Hal also do not have the capability to give the fighter aircraft on time. We have number of fighter aircraft programs in future but the thing is that HAL needs to be overhauled. Private sector is the only solution to this major problem.

  • http://yahoo sandy

    To tackle Pakistan and China in two way front war india needed around 800 LCA MK2 with advance feature total no of fighter & bomber aircraft 1800 to 2000.I feel that india must augment the process of AMCA also make AMCA in both the feature one stealth version and second as a multy role two engine fighter bomber. Please note that Israel is the only country which can provide sophisticated avionics and radar.So make them partner in Both AMCA and LCA MK 2.Please also note that HAL is fully loaded with project Make private and Govt partnership in manufacturing the these aircrafts allow TATA , Mahindra & Mahindra and reliance as private partner to manufacture these fighter plane time is running out. Otherwise the day will come when both china and Pakistan will screw india and we will have to pay heavy cost in future.By augmenting private manufacturing line we can also export these aircraft to friendly nation.It is our govt which doesnot allow the such kind of practice because there are some people in the govt who are acting as a middle men for the foreign vendor which is costing to us. Today china is on your border entering 19 Km tomorrow Pakistan will also do the same thing.Future is blank only nuclear weapon wont help us.Both has it. Eastern country and small country see india as future world power this what the example we are putting before them mind it this will not only damage india’s position but small country will also not respect india.They all will tell you that if you can’nt help yourself how can you help us too. Time has come up please also note that even America and Russsia has private manufacturing unit like Boeing ,Sukoi ,MIG and many more this is happen because their govt knows that it is not possible to make such kind of investment without private partner. Their govt agencies only do the experiment and pass on to the private sector same in tank manufacturing also involve Israel because Russia main intension is to sale its garbage to india In gulf war what has happened to the Russian fighter bomber and tanks every body knows If they were so good why gulf countries are buying American hardware why not Russian.Please also note AMCA fighter to be made in two separate way because india needed both stealth and heavy fighter bomber version also.For stealth bomber we can take time and incorporate such technology in fighter bomber and AMCA fighter & bomber should be made in same line of LCA Tejas MK2 .LCA MK2 will be single seater and AMCA fighter bomber will be double engine incorporating Tejas MK2 and stealth technology .Here involve private partner to augment the production line why to give chance to foreign vendor.Airforce also must understand that whatever we are manufacturing they can give their needs in technology not screwing or jeopardize the whole process.Second thing I also want to tell you GTRX must tie up with the private player to manufacture Kaveri jet engine like TATA,Arcelor Mittal,Mahindra & Mahindra,Reliance and many more.Becuse these private partner has money to do the job.They can smuggle ,Buy or borrow these technology which our Indian govt is struggling from several decade.They can give good plate form to the Indian govt in both the way give them freedom they will bring in the technology what we are struggling from several decades.RTA,AMCA, LCA MK2, will be realty in near future.For god shake know you understand otherwise Beeta samay wapas nahi aaega , Bahut der Ho jaye Gi.

  • pntikoo

    I hope it should not remain only a dream like tejas lca. Our best wishes to ada .

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