6. Illegal Capture of Shaksgam Valley/Trans Karakoram Track 1963 – The Trans-Karakoram Tract is composed of the Shaksgam Valley and was formerly administered as a part of Shigar, a valley in Baltistan region. Most names of mountains, lakes, rivers and passes are in Balti/Ladakhi, meaning this land had been part of Baltistan/Ladakh region for a long time and has no connection with China whatsoever. The only connection with China was that China claimed suzerainty over Hunza, south of Macdonald line as its emir had given nominal allegiance to China in 1847. But suddenly after WW2 ended in 1959, China published maps showing large areas west and south of Macdonald line as part of its territory.

The problem was that this area actually came under district of Gilgit Baltistan which as per Treaty of Accession signed by Maharaja of Jammu & Kashmir was part of princely state of Jammu & Kashmir. Pakistan after illegally occupying district of Gilgit Baltistan in 1947-48 decided to hand over entire Trans Karakoram Track to China in 1963 after China captured Aksai Chin in 1962, despite protests from India using diplomatic channels. It is Trans Karakoram Track that China intends to use to build supporting infrastructure for malefic CPEC. Can Chinese government wash its hand off sin to illegally capturing areas that actually belong to India.

7. Shameless Copying of Russian/American Weapons 1970s Onwards- Let’s face it China may have world’s largest standing army at 2.3 million and largest defence forces with air force and navy combined; but fact is much of its military depends of weaponry that are blatant copies of Russian/ American weapons. Let’s just forget the AK47. While some were based on stolen designs using espionage, others were developed using the process of using their engineering prowess to clone things, something they have perfected over the years.

Thereby, denying the OEMs the rightful royalty and IPR. Let’s not talk about the fake apple phone/store, fake Mercedes car/showroom.

Some of the weapons copied are Mig 21 to J7, Su27 to J11, F35 to J31, C17 to Y20, Predator to Rainbow-4, Javelin Anti-Tank to HJ-12, Humvee to Dongfeng EQ2050. The list just goes on and on, and has made Russia mighty pissed off and only after it Russia got China to sign on dotted line that it won’t induct weapons copied from Russia, has Russia started delivery of Su 35 to China. Can Chinese government wash its hand off sin to illegally copying weapons and denying the OEMs their rights.

8. Launch of ASAT Weapon- Anti-satellite weapons (ASAT) are space weapons designed to incapacitate or destroy satellites for strategic military purposes. Though both USA and Russia have tested such weapons but they only twice actually killed satellite in space by shooting it with missile. But these too were satellites at low altitude and where in danger of impacting earth, and even then, the space debris were bare minimal.

But China tested its ASAT weapon in 2008 at a defunct satellite at a very high altitude of over 500 km in 2007, at high velocity that scattered space debris over vast area in space potentially putting satellites of other nations at high risk of being hit the debris. Can Chinese government wash its hand off sin to potentially put satellites at risk of being destroyed.

9. Use Debt Trap as Weapon- A new weapon in China’s dragon’s armour is a financial ploy of using debt as weapon to subdue less developed nations to capitulate and obey China. That helps China not just grab land not just in in India’s neighbouring countries so as it can effectively ring fence India, a sample being China grabbing Gwadar port in Pakistan and Hambantota port in Sri lanka. The mega Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a plan to deploy this weapon which analysts call “debt trap”. Much of the African and South American nations are now in full or partial control of China’s ‘debt trap’.

It does nothing simply floods them easy loans at easy interest and starts pumping money into their infrastructure, but after sometime it shows its true nature, when the nations cant pay, China arm twist them to capitulation forcing them to do want it wants. Sample is South Africa, that was forced to cancel a visit by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, after China protested. ALL South American nations scared of China have broken ties with Taiwan. All African nations too have followed suit in breaking ties with Taiwan, except the King of Swaziland who is holding it out against China. If you thought that European nations are exception, think again. Montenegro is now in debt trap of China. China is building a road for this nation, but is unable to pay up, and has now been forced to freeze benefits t mothers, recruitments and more.

Truly China is a shrewd nation and is not only concerned with capturing territory but using finance as a weapon against poor nation. Forcing them to capitulate and follow China’ diktat. Be it suppressing Uighur/Tibetans refugees, shooing away Taiwan and lot more. The world needs to realize this and stop China’s juggernaut that will only harm this world in long run

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