The Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad in a joint operation with the Indian Coast Guard seized 40 kg heroin worth over ? 200 crore from a Pakistani fishing boat in the Arabian Sea off the Gujarat coast today, a senior ATS official said.

Six Pakistanis in the boat were also arrested, he said. The Pakistani fishing boat carrying drugs was intercepted mid-sea by a joint team of the Coast Guard and ATS near Jakhau harbour in Kutch district, the official said.

“The heroin was meant to be transported to Punjab by road after being offloaded on the Gujarat coast. Based on a specific tip-off, we intercepted the boat which left from Pakistan, and caught six Pakistani nationals with 40 kg of heroin,” he said.

The Anti-Terror Squad and Coast Guard officials along with the seized boat are expected to reach the Jakhau coast later today, he said.The Gujarat ATS and the Coast Guard had foiled similar attempts of drug smuggling in the past as well and caught foreign nationals with huge quantities of narcotics which they planned to smuggle into India via the Gujarat coast.