” In a time of war, truth is always replaced by propaganda “, After being caught pants down by the United States and India on use of 8 F-16 post-Balakot airstrikes, new images have surfaced on Internet where Two PAF JF-17s have been shown with Kill marks of Su-30MKI and Mig-21Bis which has been used to further their lie that F-16s were not used in air battle with India even though debris of the AMRAAM fired were recovered and seriel match confirming it belonged to Pakistani F-16 fleet.

PAF awarded Mig-21Bis kill to wing commander Nauman Ali Khan who was flying F-16 (Tail No 731) but kill marks have emerged on Chinese made JF-17s which lacked any such capabilities to fire American made AMRAAMs. Second Fake Kill claimed of Su-30MKI by Squadron leader Hasan Siddiqui flying F-16B (Tail No 606) loaned from Combat Commanders School (CCS) also has been awarded to another JF-17 aircraft.

Squadron leader Hasan Siddiqui had claimed that he shot down one Sukhoi-Su30MKI with Call sign (Avenger-1) but IAF showcased the same Avenger-1 with the same crew which Siddiqui had fired its AMRAAMs and claimed it on its 87th Anniversary of the Indian Air Force Day flypast to mock his claim.

Director-General ISPR. Major General Asif Ghafoor had first denied the use of F-16s in operations against India but when the debris of the AMRAAM fired was recovered by India and showcased in media briefings, he had to make a U-turn. PAF Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar Khan, when asked whether it was JF-17 or F-16, was used to bring down Indian aircraft couldn’t give a clear answer to such a simple question. It looks like to save them selfs for the embarrassment of losing an F-16 to an older Mig-21Bis, PAF wants to continue JF-17 lie which was caught to keep their image and propaganda intact in front of their people.

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