According to report prepared by French magazine ” Le Pointe “, confirms that India and France are holding discussions on possible transfer of 31 grounded Jaguar strike fighters previously used by the French Air Force but retired from 2005 on wards to India to be used for spares to support the existing IAF’s Jaguar fleet.

” Le Pointe ” reports says that Ex-French Jaguar strike fighters will be transferred free of charge and will not be sold to India as per earlier media reports. a team of engineers which visited France with Indian Air Force Commander-in-Chief, Air Chief Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa earlier this month might have already checked stored Jaguar to carryout an internal assessment of the condition of this grounded retired jets and detail report will soon be submitted to government and Indian air force top tier.

Transferred aircraft will enable IAF which is the lone operator of the aircraft type to maintain this aircraft till 2034 and recovered spare parts from French aircraft will help India immensely to maintain this ageing jets since new spares are not manufactured anymore. India and France will have a win win situation since France will get rid of jets which no one wants and has low resale value due to lack of operators and India will get them free of cost which will help India maintain its current fleet till they retire.

Transfer of French Jaguar to India is also seen by Le Pointe as an attempt to create good will in India for possible second Rafale orders from India over its all contracted 36 jets. India already is carrying out DARIN III upgrade on its ageing Jaguar fleet to keep them advance and will also integrate Israeli AESA radar as part of huge Jaguar modernization project.

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